Thursday, August 9, 2018

Konnyaku Shabon Konjac Soap Gold Face Wash

Hello lovelies,

I found one jelly like product during traveling in Otaru, Hokkaido. It looks so cute and adorable. The shop itself is pretty small and they have two people that keep promoting the products, from lotion, serum, to konjac soap. Yes, konjac soap!! We know konjac sponge right, it's been a huge hit back then for the irresistible texture that cares the skin, now, it's soap made all from natural ingredients.

The colors are so pretty, there's pink, yellow, white, green, and mine, gold.


All made using the clear water and essential oils. Everything was handmade too.
This new groundbreaking cleansing soap, Konnyaku shabon, contains a large amount of extracts from natural konjac potato (yam). The Hakodate store carries five limited versions of the soap: Tange Weed and Gold, Melon, Peach, Beer, and Soybeans. A hint of lavender scent is added after the famous flower in Hokkaido.


Every single one of them is wrapped beautifully in a paper like cotton wrap, it's so 'Japanese', these handmade items was made with care. I was also given a lotion to try, it was so good, I wish I bought them all, from the moisturizer and not just the cleanser. Everyone in my home enjoy using the face soap, it bubbles up abundantly, using a foam net it can make that perfect foam in no time.

Using the hand it will need more time heehee, but I still do enjoy using it, the konjac texture is sooooo adorable. I like playing with it heehee, it is so bouncy and slippery at the same time, smells good too. We love how relaxing the scent is and never overwhelming.


The cleansing properties is amazing, it is clean yet gentle, but when left on the skin too long, since sometime I love using foaming facial wash as a 2-3 minute mask, some products can be as good as that, works as a cleanser and mask, the nourishment gets into the skin and the cleanliness is unbeatable. But, again, for Konnyaku Shabon, it can be a bit itchy on sensitive to dry skin, that means it helps regenerating, so on those who have dull skin, try leave the foam for a few minutes and it helps rejuvenating the skin, noticed the skin regrow faster and better too.

For me, a perfect cleansing is a start of a good skin care routine,
with a clean skin, acne can be reduced or avoided at all,
with clean skin skincare absorbed better,
with clean skin, makeup performs better too.

Everything starts with a clean skin.



A very good face wash with gold, Rishiri Kelp Gold (to be exact) that promote elasticity.

What's in it?
Gold Foil and Rishiri Kelp essence with lavender scent. Fucoidan contained in Rishiri kelp from Hokkaido and the ceramide the konjac provide moisture the skin and improve elasticity.

Easy to lather, foam abundantly and beautifully, works like a charm in cleaning the skin and making them happy. The skin is clean with soft and smooth effect all over.  Definitely recommended the soap for everyone who wants better skin condition, firming and younger looking skin.

Price around 1000 yen (sorry, forgot the exact price).

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