Thursday, August 9, 2018

Alovivi Premium Mask

Hello lovelies,

who doesn't love face mask, they become a huge hits everywhere simply because they worked! The essence or serum inside a mask is doubled, tripled to even 10 times more than regular serum and the absorption increases as well. We leave a mask on our face for 15-20 minutes and some mask can be up to 30 minutes too which make the product have ample time to goes beyond what normal skincare do, especially if we massage the skin after the mask is taken off.

Alovivi comes with a Premium Mask (dressed in pink) that promises results within each use.


I'm using the mask on a cleaned skin, after using toner and serum, now this is optional (the serum) you can clean and use toner before the mask or add a serum after toner, as it increases the nourishing and moist value as my skin is pretty dry.

But as it is, the mask works great.


High moisture retention mask.
Proteoglycan with high moisturising power, ceramide for preparing texture, fullerene for conditioning the skin and moisturising, luxurious moisturising with repairing agent EGF.
Lamellar liquid crystal structure beauty essence has the same structure as human skin. The face mask paper stretches smoothly and quickly and penetrates deeply into every corner of the skin.

What is "Lamellar liquid crystal structure"?
Lamellar liquid crystal structure is a liquid crystal structure like Mille-feuille in which moisture and oil are alternately stacked in thin layers. Our skin is composed of several layers of overlapping layers, but the part forming a structure similar to the intercellular lipid of the skin is called "lamellar structure".
Combination of luxurious beauty ingredients specialised for moisturising and skin conditioning.
· Proteoglycan (
a compound consisting of a protein bonded to glycosaminoglycan groups, present especially in connective tissue.)
· Aloe Vera
· Hyaluronic Acid
· Collagen
· Fullerene
· Ceramide


The mask is rather big for my face, so those with normal or bigger face feature can rest assure it will fit. The mask is so thick and juicy, I love the fact that it contains ceramide, the ingredient is well known in keeping the skin moist. Lack of ceramide made the skin dry. This mask promote nourishment and hydration since we all know that's what aloe vera and hyaluronic acid do. While Fullerene  is unknown for me (some say it is a controversial ingredient in skincare) and EGF means epidermal growth factor.

So, considering the ingredients, I think it is best to use it once a while and not everyday on daily basis. It's the fullerene alone is the one that concern me, still since the effect is still not really certain, I think it's best to stay safe than sorry, nevertheless I sure they already went through some procedure and calculation on delivering safe product for the market.

After using the mask, the skin become so moist, and the softening effect also very much enjoyed by me, using moisturizer afterwards to seal the moist in also helps in making the condition last longer. I love how dewy my skin has become.


Thank you Suika Beauty for the invitation, all the products are available at Tokopedia and Shopee too.

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