Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Lakme Moon-Lit Highlighter

Hello lovelies,

Lakme Moon-Lit Highlighter is here, this is a highlighter and bronzer in one for those who want their look still appear natural and never overwhelming.

The product comes in a half and half circle container. Perfect for on the go.


Highlighter palette berbahan dasar fine velvet pearls yang memberikan kesan natural-glowing yang indah pada kulit.
  • Memberi efek kilau pada wajah dengan hasil akhir yang flawless
  • Cocok untuk strobing yang sedang menjadi tren makeup
  • Mengandung fine velvet pearls yang membuat kulit tampak glowing
  • Dapat digunakan untuk highlight dan contour


That's the swatch, they look so gorgeous right?! Like the glow is very pretty and perfect for either day or night. I can use the bright ones on areas I want to highlight and brown one for bronzing, or people nowadays know it as contour. The powder is soft and smooth on the skin, easily applied and doesn't chalk on. It spread on the skin really well no matter what kind of powder brush I use. Simply applied with smaller brush for areas such as nose bridge or the inner corner of the eyes and wider brush for cheeks.


For me, the best thing about Moon-Lit Highlighter is how they play with light. It's not that kind of greasy glow or something that made people look in a irk way but it's just a pretty subtle gorgeous glow and it helps shape the feature, which for me, clearly it's the bronzer.

You do know what people say, right? Those with dark skin focus on highlighting while those with fair skin can focus on contouring.


Thank you so much Lakme Indonesia, see you again soon.

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