Friday, August 3, 2018

Clymina North Yellow Cream

Hello lovelies,

a while ago during my recent trip to Hokkaido, I found this baby on as a last minute shopping venture near the airport. The product seems to be known as a souvenir from Japan and perhaps famous too since I see that there's information for it all over the store.

It was like an all in one cream but with unique texture that like a creamy gel with tiny curds. These curds will melt on the skin. Curds? Yes, kinda like that, like cheese curd on a yogurt like consistency.

And one thing that made me purchase the product is that it comes in several different variant, mine is apple and it smells so fresh and fruity.


The first function is as a lip balm. It have a smoothing effect that instantly cover the surface of the dry and chapped lips. I'm using it on my hands too as it absorb pretty fast, the skin feels moist and comfortable without any greasy effects.


What's inside the cream?

Starting with natural oleic acid and vitamin E obtained from non-pesticidal sunflower oil "Northern Yaei" in Nayoro City, honey, rapeseed oil of Anpingo town, salmon skin marine collagen, deep ocean water, pesticide herb extract, etc. Hokkaido "Clymina (Crimea)" skin care cream, which has been carefully selected with carefully selected ingredients.


The fragrance is aroma of six kinds of natural essential oils, seven types of fragrance, nonfragrance, total of rose, lavender, grapefruit, coconut, rosemary, bergamot & green apple. Package design was planned with students of Sapporo City University, and we prepared two kinds of packages.

Sunflower oil from Hokkaido, cream filled with treasures of Hokkaido gently penetrate your skin gently.

Sunflower oil, rape flower oil, honey, deep sea water, shell and coral calcium, marine collagen, various herbal extracts (lavender extract, horse mint extract, etc.)

Sunflower oil containing plenty of oleic acid and vitamin E gently wraps your skin.

Besides morning and evening face care, it can be used as whole body care, moisturizing cream, hand cream.

Water (deep sea water), myristyl myristate, sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil, BG, glycerin, (hydroxyethyl acrylate / acryloyldimethyltaurine Na) copolymer, honey, sodium hyaluronate, tocopherol, silica, hydrolyzed collagen, coral Late, Touki Senka Extract, Hamanasu Extract, Seiyo Hakka Extract, Camomile Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Various Natural Essential Oils


And of course, the cream can be used on the face too, it provide the skin with ample nourishment, I feel kinda bad for myself, I should've purchase the bigger one. The cream made the skin feels like it was happy and well maintained without causing any side effects. I have a sensitive skin that pretty sensitive to perfume, but this one I can use with ease.

The all in one cream (all in one as if can be used for any part of the body, from face, hand, heels, elbows, to even as a body cream) is perfect for traveling too. Just bring one for the whole family as it helps any gender and kids too. I don't know about babies, but my 4 years old can use it when her cheeks felt dry when we're in the plane.

It help soothe the skin with the properties inside and the lovely green apple boost the mood too, we really like the scent. Some of the other variant too by we like green apple the best.


A small one like this cost around Rp. 100 k, so it's not really expensive product. What I love about the product is also the fact that it is a environmentally safe product made with responsible. They have this whole information on the pamphlet about the ingredients comes from local farmers and so on, it was a genuinely good product I can feel happy about whenever I'm using it.

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