Thursday, August 9, 2018

Pure Vivy Cleansing Lotion and Sheet

Hello lovelies,

still reviewing the goodies from Suika Beauty event, this is their cleaning series from Purevivi, the cleaning sheet and lotion. I've tried them both and even using them on daily basis, they are both so good and comfortable to be used everyday, even on my dry and sensitive skin.

Let's start with the cleansing sheet.


PUREVIVI Cleansing Sheet Sensitive Skin care makeup cleansing sheets that remove both makeup and moisturize the skin. It can be used as a wipe-on toner in the morning and it has a hypoallergenic formula that is free of six common problem ingredients. Ideal for sensitive skin.
Use cleansing sheets to remove all makeup and debris from face.

See the image above, I use it on half of my face and it took away all, including my waterproof lippies. I've tried for eyeliner too during the event and it removes it effortlessly. So easy and in a single swipe by gently wipe the skin. Keep repeating until all the skin is cleaned and there's none left on the wipes.


Continue with reviewing the cleansing lotion which I think also really good, it contains no aroma, no scent, perfect for dry sensitive skin like mine without causing any sensitivity nor dryness. For those who perhaps have very sensitive skin may use a very soft and non colorant (including bleach too) to enhance the properties and clean without any mistake.

It cleans everything, from base makeup, waterproof products to sensitive areas like around the eyes and lips. It cares the skin as it cleanses. I'm using it not just as makeup remover, but as daily cleanser too from natural debris.


The cleansing sheet is perfect for cleaning on the go, the wipes is so gentle and comfortable on the skin, it's soft and cottony. I dislike most wipes, but this one is so good and gentle enough on my skin.

During traveling, simply clean the skin using the wipes, and use a skincare afterwards for a fresh clean skin anytime anywhere.


Pure Vivy Cleansing Lotion

The first series of "Pure Vivi" series
Returning prejudice such as "hard to fall" or "gloomy" with a wiping type!
Popular classic products, cleansing of water
Product features : No fragrance, no coloring, no oil use, non paraphen, alcohol free, cationic active agent not used
Product type : Cleansing lotion

For waterproof product when using the wipes of the cleansing lotion on a cotton pad, simply leave the wipe/pad on the area a bit longer before wiping it off.

Thank you for reading my post, see you again soon.

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