Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Simple Baby All in One Wash and Moisturizing Shampoo

Hello lovelies,

for all of you, who happens to be blessed with very sensitive skin, so sensitive 'till anyone who knows you calls you for being such a baby, or perhaps you have a baby on your own, here some products that might come handy.

Simple, a brand that dedicated themselves to being simple as in, as it is. A brand that said to be true to be the one for sensitive skin.

Simple have been the experts in sensitive skin since launching the first perfume and colour-free soap in 1960. We’ve stayed committed to our original philosophy of creating skincare products suitable for all skin types.


Smile, it's simple! You can trust Simple Baby to care for your baby's delicate hair. Our Simple Baby Moisturising Shampoo contains no artificial perfume or colour and no unnecessary ingredients. With a perfect blend of natural plant extracts and moisturising goodness that helps to cleanse and soothe your baby's delicate sensitive skin. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

They put the same tagline for all of their products, smile, it's simple! They don't put artificial perfume, colour, or other unnecessary ingredients. Using blend of natural plan extracts, moisturizing goodness that cleanse and sooth baby's delicate sensitive skin. But the thing is, I'm still a bit doubtful on the words "of not putting unnecessary things" which perhaps if there's still a need for stuff that are necessary for the products to be made but kinda not really 100% good for the skin, they still put it in.

Nevertheless, they do seems better than most products here in Indonesia that said to be for babies and kids yet contain shocking ingredients that contain paraben, fragrance (main problem for sensitive skin), SLS (which is also in the product reviewed here) and many more.

So again, Simple Baby All in One Wash and their Moisturizing Shampoo isn't 100% free from surfactant.

Please do click on the images, too see the product in larger view where you could read each ingredients.

Now, how is it? Are the products any good? Well, after using them for months, we don't really see major significant differences like when using our usual 'any other' products for kids and baby in the market. Her skin stays soft but for sure, I can't really use the shampoo for her scalp as it still made her scalp irritated. With dandruff like cradle cap thingy on her scalp. I can still have her use the All in One Wash as a body shower or bath tub bubbles but that's it.

Aroma? So far they smell like nothing. Like very faint or almost scent-less. I guess they don't put natural ingredients as much as I want them too, I know for sure chamomile and lavender in oils has a distinctive scent that noticeable.



Still a so-so product that is in between. There are not that bad but not really good either. I will buy something else in the future (other brand I meant) like if you want to be bad, be bad, but if you want to be good, be real good, I guess it's still fixated to the price that still in mid range too.

Again, I wish they skipped Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in their ingredients list and it would made them better for sure.

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