Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Vitacimin White and Vitacimin Glow

Hello lovelies,

last week PT. Takeda Indonesia announces the launch of Vitacimin White and Vitacimin Nutriglow, two new supplements targeted at supporting women's health that builds on over 45 years of heritage of the Vitacimin brand.

Manufactured by Takeda Healthcare Products Co., Ltd., Kyoto, Japan that is recognized for its high quality standards. Vitacimin White and Vitacimin Nutriglow are food supplements available as sugar-coated tablets. Vitacimin White contains Vitamin C, E, B2, L-Cysteine and B5 while Nutriglow are packed with Vitamin C, Biotin, B6, B12, L-Cysteine and Nicotinamide.


We known Vitacimin for their vitamin C Sweetlet for decades, hence the President Director and Head of Consumer Health Care of Takeda Indonesia are looking forward for their new products (Nutriwhite and Nutriglow) to help support women in Indonesia who are determined to live their life to its fullest with their campaign called "Make the Word C You".

Guest host such as Psychologist Pustika Rucita M.Psi and Ruth Sahayana, emphasizing on how women nowadays have multi-roles in the society. Taking the right supplements will help them on their physical appearance and overall health being.


Both of the products contain Vitamin C, B2, L-Cysteine. The differences are Vitacimin White and Nutriglow are Vitacimin White contains Vitamin E and B5 while Nutriglow have Biotin and B3. For me personally based on the ingredients Nutriglow can gives me more energy and vitality while Vitacimin White is more to the antioxidant. So both are necessary and can be taken twice daily, so I like to take Nutriglow after breakfast in the morning and Vitacimin White at night after dinner.


Both comes in a similar package, one in white and blue (Vitacimin White), the other in white and red (Vitacimin Nutriglow). Both coated in sugar and recommended for 25-55 years old women who desire to be and look healthier.

Both has BPOM approval and selling price around Rp 55,000 - Rp 62,000 for a box. A box contain 30 tablets. The tablets look identical like the one below, the differences are the ingredients and the color of the packaging.


I've been taking the vitamin lately and it does help boost my energy and vitality. Since I do have gastric issue, I can only take them once daily after a lunch. They don't have any aftertaste, nor any other (beside for my acidity) side effects that I know.

Thank you Vitacimin for the vitamins that help me through the day.

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