Sunday, May 7, 2017

Skin is Your Envelope with Cetaphil

Hello lovelies,

Last week, Cetaphil invited medias and beauty bloggers for a day to remember and celebrate your skin.

Cetaphil itself has been part of my family for years and we love their products as it can be used by anyone in the family. Those who owns very sensitive skin can still enjoy the products without any worries or concerns.


The event was held in Avec Moi, a restaurant in the middle of Jakarta. Hosted by celebrity and dermatologist  who speaks about the importance of our skin and how to care for them on daily basis.

Representative from Cetaphil also speaks how Cetaphil works and what does it do on our skin.


Dr. Edwin Tanihaha, SpKK, shares that skin is our largest organ that have to go through many things on daily basis. From pollution, UV rays, germs, frictions, radiation, Air conditioner, heat, weather to anything that touches the skin. They protects us and at the same time, they need protection too.

This is where, products like Cetaphil comes in. Brand Manager Cetaphil Indonesia, Chaerun Nisa Putri explains about two products from Cetaphil that cleanses with care and gentleness while the other gives moisture and light protection from the sun.

Andien Aisyah, singer, has been using Cetaphil for three years now. She testify how Cetaphil took care her dry skin from makeup and harsh soaps. She does agree with Cetaphil principal where the Skin is Our Envelop that supposed to be care for, protected and shielded everyday since we live in our envelope all the time.


Based on my personal experience and a lot of people that I know, we choose soaps or body cleanser based on brand, aroma and price. Most of us even leave it to aroma alone, the one that smells the best, regarding the ingredients, are the one we picked. Even when sometime it made our skin suffers.  How does we know that our skin is suffering? When there's a squeaky cleanliness that we feel on our skin, when there's white strikes when we scratch, when we feel the constant itchiness, redness and visible dryness, those signs are crucial and we need to pay attention since they are screaming for help.

Stop using product that contain high fragrance, preservatives, chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients. Cetaphil use only what's important and keep it low key on the stuff they put inside their bottles for the skin to enjoy. Cleaning them with care and gentleness and protecting the skin with hydration.

I know many personal experiences from my friends too that they can only use Cetaphil. For me personally, I used to be able to use any products, but now, as I grew older and my skin is not as though as it used to be, I can only use Cetaphil. Don't wait until your skin can't take it anymore, start using only what's best from now for a better start and better skin in the future.


Thank you so much Cetaphil, see you soon on my next post.

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