Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sleek Baby Diaper Cream

Hello lovelies, hello babies, hello mommies,

this post is made for you. For your loves ones that still using diapers on daily basis, disposable diapers, no matter what the brand, type or material used. Indeed, diapers have been something that practical, we uses them everyday for convenience and comforts. Looking how in Indonesia not every malls or other public place is equipped with baby care center, we often do the minimal effort by pushing off the changing times or cleans less than what supposed to be done.


Sleek is a brand that has open a new door of more options for babies as they developed Sleek Baby. Known for producing products with NO SLS in many of their campaign has gotten people's attention as a safer brand.

 From nipple and bottle cleanser, laundry detergent, hair and body wash, hand wash, and now, diaper cream, the one that made specially for nappy time and for those area especially.


I guess almost everyone (with kids) know what diaper rash is, some may have experienced it when their babies are having one of those. The redness, itchy feeling with perhaps hot or burning sensation which made the kids cries. I thought I'd be a mom that her kids never suffer from one of those, I changed their diapers as often as possible and using the best diaper brand I could find. I also picked the material that's breathable, light and airy. Still, it happened.


We went for a family trip to Korea, with an 8 hour flight adding with immigration, baggage, journey time from home to the next one it added up to around 12 hours and yes, I didn't change her diaper as much as I supposed to since it was a red eye flight, everyone is asleep on the flight as well as my baby. I don't want to disturbed her during her sleep, hence her diapers is changed when she woke up.

At that time, I've noticed a redness on her private area, at first it wasn't that bad, we use just about any cream we could find as an emergency and that was made for sensitivities, allergic reaction and for just about any skin, not for the sensitive areas, so it took a while (days) and a lot of cries in between since it is not comfortable. I wish I knew about Sleek Baby Diaper Cream by then, would it make a difference? Sure will, it is a cream made for the area that has been suffering from ammonia and feces exposure for too long and it has antibacterial properties, do look at the image below as it explains the details of what's inside.


The thing about the diaper rash is, it made the skin suffer from dryness, red, angry, frustrated, and itchy at the same time, and here are everything that Sleek Baby Diaper Cream do, it protects, heals, cover, by moisturizing, caring and it even has antibacterial agents too and everything is natural and so gentle it could even be used by a newborn.

The cream is white, lotion in texture, light, and easy to be absorbed by the skin. It leaves a fine film that protected the skin from further damage from friction and helps reduce the burning sensation. When the child is peeing (or pooping) again, the skin has been 'covered' by the creamy lotion, so we do have time to clean it well and re apply. The key is to keep on using to prevent and help the area stays clean and dry as much as possible.


Being in Seoul during early Spring means the air is still chilly, we need to use jackets and coats plus layers too. This could be a problem for kids too as the body is keeping the heat inside. Problems such as prickly heat could appear, this is where the cream could be handy too, just apply them thinly it helps protecting the skin and made them comfortable.

We can keep having fun with the peace in mind.


The kid can still have her activity, learn by doing and comfortable in any area possible. No more being fussy and crying every time she feels going to the loo, no more tears during nappy time and all the feeling of uncomfortable are gone.

So there you go, never forget to change the diaper as often as possible, clean the area well, put some diaper cream whenever possible and let them be our little explorer once again. Happy and a go-getter.


Thank you so much Sleek Baby Diaper Cream.

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  1. kadang2 kalau anak2 ruam emang bikin baperr, merasa bersalah tapi mau gimana. Adanya diapers cream ini membantu banget ya mba terutama buat yg kulitnya sensi