Thursday, May 4, 2017

Covermark Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid in Three Shades

Hello lovelies,

using makeup nowadays could be a bit tricky and comes in so many texture. From powders, creams, lotions, hard powders, stick cream, gel, gel-cream, and everything that lies on the makeup world. Some might work when we combined them together, some doesn't. From crumbling, noodling, create mess to residue that is really not fun to be seen, there's always tricks we could do in shading, contouring, and highlighting.


By using three different shades of the same product, we can create that perfect contouring without worrying each texture wont be in sync. They' sing in perfect harmony by using it on areas that we want.

Highlights by using a shade that one or two level lighter than the skin tone, and contouring by using 2 shades darker than the skin.

Highlights are usually under the eyes, nose bridge, mid part of the chin and shading are on the sides of the nose for the illusion of a sharper nose, under the cheekbone for a slimmer face, on the bone structure of the jaw, outer sides of the forehead and so on.

And on the rest of the area, use the shade that matches the skin tone.


Use a sponge or your hand, but during application, somehow I prefer using a brush or spoon brush, it helps me getting those thin lines especially on the nose.


Using Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid I'm using MN00 for highlight and MN40 for shading. My skin tone is at MN10.


As seen below, the far left is MN00 which is the lightest, MN10 in between, and where the shade is not too far different than MN00.


And here's the result of using them altogether and after blending and color makeup. The foundation blends well one to another and doesn't have any problem with each other since they have same consistency. Hence the gradation made is mild and appear natural. For me this is the perfect merit between the shades which made my makeup appear three dimensional.


Thank you so much COVERMARK Indonesia.

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