Thursday, May 4, 2017

Koko Krunch Cereal Bars

Hello everybody,

breakfast is indeed has been found as the most important meal of the day. Still, we tend to occasionally forget and move on. Morning is always the busiest time during the day, we getting ready, especially with the kids and everything. Breakfast no longer become priority, getting ready is. And the traffic in Jakarta is no help too, forget about a bowl of our favorite cereal, we need food we can eat while we go and can't have anything that comes with a bowl and liquid, it's too hard to handle on the road.


Here's where Koko Krunch come in handy, they made one in a bar. It's still the same cereal, that choco one that we love and have, and with all the convenience for those in the rush, or perhaps in need of a sugar rush.


Following their commitment of "Make Breakfast Better" Koko Krunch Cereal Bar is made with the chocolatey goodness, milk and whole grain for a nutritious delicious cereal bar on the go. Just grab some before leaving the house, they are great as a snack in between meals too.

One bar is satisfying as it is sweet, I wish they didn't come that sweet but perhaps for those who happen to have sweet tooth might really enjoy these.


There are mini Koko Krunch cereal, so the shape is like the original Koko Krunch but they are smaller. Hugging each other to make a bar and the whites one on the bottom part is the milk, so in a way, it's still like eating the cereal with the milk like how we love when the time persist at home.

Overall, a handy cereal bar with the familiar chocolate flavour and crunchiness that we love and cherished from Koko Krunch with the simplicity and the easiness to carry it always in my purse. I wish they reduced the 7g sugar since it's too sweet and made the bar sinful, so I hope they do get the feedback and making them less sweet for a healthier choice.

Still, yums!