Monday, January 18, 2016

SILKYGIRL Go Matte LipColor

Hello lovelies,

as shared on my previous post about SILKYGIRL newest collection, the Matte Lipstick, here are most of the collection.

The shades consist of 6 matte lipsticks, due to the stock, SILKYGIRL are now run out of number 5. Seems like Sassy Orange is a huge hit.


Let's start with number 1. Nearly Nude, which for me it became completely nude. I guess for shade number one, the base color of your original lips also matter, on me somehow it became like a faint orange to coral.

The texture of the lipstick is smooth, all of Go Matte collection is not dry at all but very much comfortable even thou' it is not really moisturizing as well.


Number 2 is Wild Pink. a shade of light fuchsia, a color that definitely match any skin tone, live up to the moment and scream 'IN LOVE' without the need of emotional attachment to particular someone.

It's not as bold as red but definitely not in the 'tame' district as well.

A color that I think perfectly fine for single and strong powerful women who lives in the show business or fashionista.


Number 3 is Siren Red. Brave, bold, a touch of brazen too, powerful to the bossy and full confident area. A red shade that never gets bored.

But I want my red to be deeper and bluer too, it still feels too light for me.


Mystic Rose, shade number 4. I always have a thing with rose and matches every shade with 'rose' in it. I guess it is my persona. My comfort zone. My color for everyday me, a timid side of me. The one that ones to blends in but still look pretty and presentable. It's cute and mildly seductive.


Last but definitely not least, my favorite, Exotic Wine.

As seen, my chapped lips are still chapped and not conceal. It is a sign of a light lipstick but somewhat good coverage.

I'm loving this shade since it is unique with a hint of blue, violet, magenta, red and pink with the right proportion. A color that I love using it everyday without getting bored.

Tips: do scrub the lips for a smoother finish, except if you're like me and in the very sensitive zone during special time of the month and the lips bleed easily. Just keep drinking water with plenty of fresh veggies and fruits and those moments shall pass :D


Thank you so much SILKYGIRL for the lovely lipstick and hopefully the stocks for number 5 will come soon.

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  1. i think i should try silkygirl's lipstick
    heard lots of good things about them