Monday, January 4, 2016

Garnier Color Natural Creams

Hi everyone!!

Look what Garnier Indonesia gave me?! A set of Garnier Color Natural Creams in 5 different shades alongside with a towel, CD of product details and a travel pouch.


As I was given the opportunity to once again change my hair color. I think, I do change them almost every 3 months where the previous color start to fade away, the shine, the luster, has left nearly every strands. 

I never thought I'll go deeper and darker in terms of shade but turns out when opportunities come, I do embrace a more natural selection.


And I'm getting ready, as in waking up in the morning, where I haven't wash my hair nor do anything haha! Sorry for not alerting my completely bare face, as usual, whenever I want to color my hair by myself at home, I'm in my ehm 'ugliest' clothes, haven't wash my hair for perhaps a day or two so the natural 'grease' can protect the scalp and hair from the damages usually done by chemicals in the hair colorant.

What makes Garnier Color Natural Creams different is what's inside the creams:
Get nourished hair, and better, long-lasting colour
Garnier Colour Naturals rich cream formula gives you 100% Grey Coverage; Rich, Long-lasting colour; Silky, Shiny hair.

Enriched with the goodness of three oils - Olive, Almond & Coconut
Enriched with the goodness of 3 oils - Olive, Almond and Coconut, the rich cream formula of Garnier Color Naturals nourishes your hair while you colour. Its Triple Nutrition Conditioner makes hair smooth. Garnier Color Naturals - for Hair Colour as fresh as day 1 even upto 8 weeks.

The range of shades varied from dark, burgundy, to light browns.

I'm trying the burgundy for sure, for that mysterious reddish purple look.


Btw, all the models on the packaging are from India, hence I went into Garnier India and retrieve the products information based on their website. Apparently it is made suitable for male and female with colors that more to the natural options.


I did not opt for the black since it is advice by any hair stylist not to dye your hair black since any color wont be able to be made after that. So if black is your color, made sure that's your pick for a long period of time (until they regrow).


The details and almost everything I need is inside each box.


The pamphlet, gloves, tube and bottle.

It is not like any other home products I've used where there's a big bottle to mix everything up.


Do watch the video for the preparation until application.


After all the hair gets the cream, wait for around 30 - 45 minutes, add a bit of warm water to the stiffed hair. Massage a bit and leave it for another 5 minutes. And then rinse everything off until the water runs clear.

And after drying my hair, I was surprised that the color is more to purple than red.


It covers everything well. I guess, it is up to the skill of the one that helps you color your hair so the creams can go through each hair strands. Do comb the hair before application and during, but when during since the creams can make the hair tangle, do it gently.

It's okay to do it slowly as the mixture will stay the same, just keep on doing it, my sister help me until around 40 minutes and the result is still wonderful. The smell is like any other hair coloring product, so do open all windows and door so there's proper ventilation.


After the process, my towels are still 'bleeding' with the red color for up to a week.


But how about the hair? Well, it's still have the shine that I really love, the colors does fade a bit but not rapidly, the condition of the hair looks healthier and not so coarse as before as the colors are filling in. I guess it's a #mythbuster that every hair colorant is the same, some do contain ingredients that protects the hair.


Thank you so much Garnier Indonesia.

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  1. that looks good on you ce. I wanted to try burgundy as well but chose brown instead-,- btw, salam kenal ce^^

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