Saturday, January 30, 2016

SainBelle Salon

Hello lovelies,

this is SainBelle salon at Mall Taman Anggrek, located at the Ground Floor, the newly opened salon boast on health and beauty principle.


To promote their Grand Opening, the salon is having some promotion, do check them out and visit when you're nearby.


I went there a few days ago to get my hair done. It's been a while and my hair need a constant 'update' so I opted for a hair color and offered to get a hair cut as well. I want a long bob, but still in a range that is safe for my chubby face (hint for beauty clinics to offer me threadlift).


The hair color was done by Mira and the hair cut is by Babe. They are really good in what they do. Mira was experienced in hair coloring for sure, she knows what happen when she put light blonde to my burgundy colored hair and the process also convenient.

She already told me that this is the best result I can get without the need of using a bleach. She understand the chemicals of the products really well and explain it to me in a very comfortable way possible.

Little that many customer know, upon hair coloring, do pay attention on the hair condition before the coloring.
1. Is the hair strong enough to be colored or bleach?
2. When is the last time the hair went through a process and what kind is it?
3. For women it is always best to chemically process your hair when not in period or pms.
4. For anyone not to wash their hair at least 24 hours before chemical process.
and last but not least, take your time consulting with the stylist before making any decision, including possible allergic reaction to whether the particular style suits your needs and well for me, shape of my face (round aka chubby).


Around 2 hours, the hair is colored and cut nicely done. I love the final result. The cut is in decent length and the shape suits my frame.


Thank you so much Mira and Babe, now I'm ready for events.


See you again soon SainBelle.

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