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Beauty Tour for Beauty Bloggers and Public

Hello everyone.

I love traveling. It's in me since I was in junior high. I guess it's because my mom and dad take me everywhere and it has become something that I look forward to. Every summer holiday or during Christmas or New Year. We'll spend some time in Los Angeles or San Fransisco, Hawaii, Tijuana, or in Beijing. My mom loves China so much that she went there almost every year when I feel enough with just a short after 5 times.


My dad work in a Japanese company, even when I''m born he was there, with his business trip and I grew up with yukata, snacks from Japan and meeting a lot of Japanese people from my dad's co worker.

Since my dad travel a lot, one thing I always love to have as a souvenir, toiletries from hotels. Different hotel, different countries, they all comes with unique designs, scents and even functions. I know since 30 years ago that the Japanese are the best in terms of toiletries in hotel, when other are plain soap bar, they already give every guest conditioner and foaming facial wash.

Through them and many other things I see many countries including Australia and New Zealand. I went to those country by myself when I'm still in high school, I spend around 3 weeks in Australia and a month in New Zealand. I get to stay with the locals and somewhat learn about what natives do. It was an experience that I always take whenever I travel after that, do what the locals do, eat in places they like since it represent their culture and not just about taste.

I prefer having my own way since I was in high school, tours doesn't really satisfy me since it always take me to places which I think, not really presentable, to my taste at least. Like these pearls shops in China, or a really old somewhat Indian town in the West Coast area in USA, or I don't know, the way I have to wake up 7 am in each morning and sleep at 9 pm every night and stay in the places I think really cool for just under an hour. For me, going by myself to Australia, New Zealand, really opens me up as I can travel by myself and went I do that, I experience more.

Same thing as when you have to drive your car by yourself instead of letting others do.


In Asia alone, I've been to Malaysia, live in Singapore for 4 good years, Thailand, Japan numerous time and have a really wonderful time in South Korea too. And I still want to go there again and again. I still want to explore and each visit bring different memories.

Like I used to hate Hong Kong, I travel to Hong Kong in 2010 during early summer and really hated my time there, it was horrible. The people are rude, the food taste terrible and too many msg, I hate the place we stay as well and the list goes on.

And I travel to Hong Kong again last December and absolutely loves it. We go to different places, visited and stay at different location and areas and it has the charms that people actually tells. Sites such as TripAdvisor actually helps, I'm also one of the contributor at that site.



Travel excites me, it has become one of the 'thing' in the family. We make time to travel, it's a sense of exploring that couldn't be replaced by anything else.



Seeing things I never see before and even amazed how the sky can look so different from place to place, btw the most beautiful sky I've seen is in Japan during summer. And the gloomiest one is during my trip in Europe, I think it was in Switzerland during a heavy snow, and when it's raining in Venice during winter 2011. It was very, very cold.

For many people I guess things that people remember during their trip to Venice is perhaps the shopping experience, or the Sankt Marco, or perhaps the food and entertainiment, for me, it was when I went into this small pizza stall and have a chat with the old couple that runs the place. They say they have been there all their life and never been anywhere. They ask me about when I was from and what's its like. They laugh how I enjoy that simple pizza and told them Pizza is also available in my country it's just it's not as good as this, and how thick it was and bland, even though we put many toppings here, they said, that's not pizza, pizza is like this, thin, simple toppings, but the ingredients itself that made a difference. 2,3 Euro and having that warm 30 minutes conversation is something that become one of the thing why I love traveling. And their English is not so good either, so we kinda talk in many different languages there, including body language.

Believe it or not, language has never become a barrier, when I was in high school and my family brought us to China and I can't even understand almost anything there, I went out for a walk outside this silk factory where the tour company brought us and stand in a 'satay' like food stall where everyone eating standing since it was a street snack, but in 1996 people just say it as food stall and not street food, I order some using mainly my fingers, and the locals who seems to be a labor worker who also eat there kinda smile and laugh at me and my little brother (who was around 9 years old) because we enjoy the food so much, like we haven't eat in years. And 15 years later I found out that, those meat in skewers that we ate was lambs and it was a very famous dish in China.

I was once locked in a ladies room at some bus stops between LA and San Fransisco, and almost left by the tour bus, I crawled by way out since all the doors there happen to be pretty tall, and I can crawl my self out from it.

I also got lost in Perth, as well as left behind by the tour leader in Auckland, let's just say I have experiences in having to find my way out numerous time impromptu but nothing worst than being lost getting back to Seoul from Everland.


Preparation is the key.


Based on that experience in South Korea, it is always best to know your way home. And all the experience I've learned, are the ones I want to do by creating this Beauty Tour with Leonita and Christina.


Traveling and beauty has been my passion and by creating a personalized beauty tour that caters the needs or urges of those beauty enthusiast, going with fellows who also love beauty products is like high school kids going on a retreat together. We hope for some fun, excitements and with the same hobby, a tour that brings tons of good memories.


Since most of our guests will be female, we will look for places that are safe, clean and near to the shopping areas.

We will be the tour leaders, shares open itinerary without hidden agenda like tourists places that doesn't really interest anyone, we will help beauty enthusiast find beauty salons, clinics, or perhaps have a facial and spa or gets their nail done, and we will spend enough time for them to do so. It will be a beauty tour you've want to go.


We will look into unique locations, open to ideas and willing to share personal tips on the places we will go together.

Our beauty tour already open for a trip to Singapore in March-April 2016, do look into our Facebook Page, click Beauty Tour by CLC

And we are now planning for South Korea by popular demand.

Japan and Thailand also will be a place we'll visit.

Do let us know, join our facebook page and request for a tour.


I'm also inviting travel companies, flights, hotels, clinics, spas, salon and even stores, everything related to our Beauty Tour to send us an email at, we love to collaborate with you. We will bring beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiast to your place. Do make us an offer.


By sponsoring our tour, you'll get expose from our beauty bloggers.
In the other way around the beauty bloggers also will get benefits from the sponsors, so do help spread out the news and sign up for one of our tour. We are just starting, we are hoping to make our dreams come true by making a Beauty Tour we all been dreaming off, insta worthy places and gorgeous locations travelers can enjoy.


See you there!

Beauty Tour by CLC

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  1. Oh my God such a really great idea!! Seneng banget bacanya, lucky you bisa travelling sejak muda ya mba hihi:)) Whoaaa ingin ikutan tapi bukan beauty blogger hihi.. Wish you luck for your Beauty Tour!! I hope I can travel the world like you xxxxx