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Canon PowerShot N2

Hello everyone,

This is my first time reviewing a digital camera, I'm not a techno-geek, hence do mind my more-to-beauty related review.


The trendy PowerShot N2 is designed for users to take perfectly framed selfie shots. Its compact form and rounded edges make it comfortable to hold in almost any angle, and its new 180-degree tilt touchscreen LCD giving freedom in taking photos from different points of view. With the new all-round release, triggering the PowerShot N2 shutter is easier than ever.

  • 16.1 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor
  • 8x Optical Zoom 28 – 224mm (35mm equivalent), f/3.0 – f/5.9 lens
  • 2.8” (approx. 461k dot) touch-screen (capacitive), 180° tilt-type LCD monitor
  • All-round shutter release
  • Creative Shot movie
  • Wi-Fi & NFC capabilities

Self Portrait Mode

The Self Portrait mode enhances self-portraits through brightening and smoothing the skin digitally. This mode also applies a background defocus to create the effect of a sharp focus on the face against a soft background blur. The Self Portrait mode is also automatically activated when the tilt LCD is raised to 180 degrees. Alternatively, it can be manually selected from the SCN settings.

Advanced Creative Shot Movies

With the introduction of the advanced Creative Shot (movie) mode, users will experience the fun of creating a dynamic highlights reel. In this mode, users can select from four categories: Retro, Monochrome, Special and Natural. After choosing the category, a simple press of the record button takes a short clip of two to six seconds with a category filter the PowerShot N2 intelligently applies to enhance the movie. Thereafter, a highlights reel of up to 24 seconds will be automatically generated by stitching a maximum of four clips.

Easy Connectivity for Sharing on the Go

With built in Wi-Fi, photos and movies can be shared instantaneously on social networking sites. Being NFC-enabled, the files can be transferred to compatible NFC-enabled mobile devices via the Canon CameraWindows app. Through easy, wireless connectivity to smart devices, printers, and the Canon Image Gateway, user convenience is now greatly increased.


All of the photos here (that doesn't have the actual product, are taken using Canon PowerShot N2).

Let's start by why do I choose Canon PowerShot N2 as my loyal companion.

At first, I want to buy a 'real' camera that has many benefits, from lenses that I can change, mirrorless as well, comes from a very famous brand, big, many beauty bloggers also using it, and well, that's it.

But truth to be told, it is bulky, not really light and pricey, it cost twice the price from Canon PowerShot N2.

Other products in the same range doesn't do 180 degree for a self portrait, still too big and using the old design digital camera.


And I happen to read a review from HerWorld Singapore December 2015 edition that the editors are raving it.


With the budget around Rp. 3.7 mio, I love my new camera as it is tiny enough to be inside my purse. I hate have to carry several items in a go as I already carried a lot of stuff. As a mom, tissue, wipes, even snacks are already inside the back. Moreover makeup and even sometime a pair of flippers when in need, there's no way I can run in heels in between events.


The zoom in, auto focus, video and 16.2 megapixel is just right.


The features eases everyone and even my girls can use it easily. The touch screen is convenient and I really need the timer, it only sets in 2 or 10 seconds, I do wish they have the 5 seconds option. It is prone to blur when I move around but amazingly sharp even on indoor shooting.

It is a camera that easily loved thanks to the small build and the bonus included inside the box, a selfie stick where known in Indonesia as 'tongsis'.


The camera comes in several colors but seems like differ from country to country. In Indonesia they launches the pink and white, mine is in white.


It has a spot for selfie stick right in the bottom, like a match made, the screw fits right in and you wont have to worry that it'll slip off. The length and angle of the selfie stick is adjustable, with the flip-able feature from the camera really made them every angle possible.


A wristlet also provided but I do want something longer and like a necklace as it made holding it a lot easier especially during travel. Since it is light enough, putting it on the string like a necklace wont be a bother at all.


Connecting the photos to my smartphone is easy, just download Canon Camera Connect and transferring the images to social medias easily within seconds.


During photo shoots the touch screen does it all and the option are all there. It's compact and got almost everything that I need without the hassle. The battery usually last for around 4-5 events. Turning it on and off in between usage and when the battery is low, charging it to full will only took around 2 hours or so.


Below are the comparison between taking an image in a dimmed lights with flash on,


and when off.

And the room was actually far dimmer than these images.


Bottomline, a great companion for selfie lovers who hate putting on more weights to their burden without wanting to sacrifice quality in everything they have.

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