Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bouncia Body Soap Gentle Bubble for Beauty

Hello everyone,

this is Bouncia Body Soap again >.< heehee.

I've been reviewing the product for quite some time and enjoying the benefit for Bouncia seems like endless.

It's always good to see the blue pump bottle with fluffy perfectly whipped foam on the cover.


You've heard about the foam, you've read about the hyaluronic acid, collagen and butter, and how Cow Style made the product with care and using long time tradition meet modern technology but I want to share with you a different side of the soap.


As it cleans, gently moisturize the skin so it is not as dry as other liquid soap, the product also can be used to soak.


As I'm a huge fan of bubble bath and milky bath, this product offers both. The creamy formula is like milk to the skin, and the light frothy bubbles are created inside the bath tub. It was comfortable as the unique scent gently cares and help me unwind. It like an escape I've looking for after a long day of chaotic routine.

The clean feeling provided by the product is nice and the skin does feel the difference as they do appear brighter and took away the dullness away.

Bouncia Body Soap with warm water in a tub equal to spa time at home.


Thank you Cow Style.

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