Saturday, January 30, 2016

DeXe Hair Color Chalk

Hello lovelies,

I love changing my hair color (no surprise here) and sometime it does drives my hair insane, they become so dry, brittle and unavoidable breakage after several chemical process, hence, a chalk like this could give me an option of colors without permanently damaging my hair.


Dexe hair color chalk is a  wipe on, wipe off coloring product! It's the creation of instant highlights, the color can stay on your hair until it is wahsed with normal shampoo. There are 12 colors are available to meer different styles, different colors can be applied on hair to highlight your hair. Besides, the finest ingredients makes it never harm your hair.
Dexe color chalk is the best temporary hair color product which can  gives you crazy hair at a Friday night ,and  can be easily wiped off in  the Monday morning.


Using the handle, grip it, put the hair between the tong, press them together and gently rub it downwards on the dry hair. The chalk will color the hair as it goes and I think it is best to do it little by little on a perfectly brushed hair so it'll glide more evenly and easier too.

Since my hair is pretty much coarse, the chalk sticks on the damaged part better. And then I just have to brush it along the way.


The packaging does mentioned to use a towel or anything to cover the shoulder and neck as there are many drops of chalks here and there, plus pink is a pretty much obvious color.


As seen above, after being brush the chalk will settle lesser and my white brush will become pink. So imagine it drops on the clothes, everything it touches will become pink, so do use something to cover it up and then after being brush and the leftovers are out, the color will set.


And it will last until it touches water or being rubbed intentionally.


Overall, hair chalk from DeXe offers a temporary hair color without making a commitment. The chalk itself is drying, so do care for the hair afterwards by cleaning it real good, add some mask or conditioner to get the hydration back.

Compared to other chalk, it is kinda the same, it's the tong that made a difference.

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  1. Biasanya liat hair chalk bentuknya kaya kapur tapi yang ini bener bener easy to use bgt hihi suka warnanya ciii♥♥♥