Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lash Green by Green Esthetics

Hello lovelies.

this is Longer Lash, an eyelash growth conditioning solution by green esthetics. A brand that promote natural ingredients in their cosmetics without the need of using harmful ingredients like other brands do. No Propelyne glycol, phenoxyethanol, and no parabens.


Longer Lash causes eyelashes to grow longer and thicker within 4-6 weeks with it's perfect blend of all natural ingredients plus polypeptides to encourage growth on a cellular level.
Longer Lash is blended with a mix of potent polypeptides, vitamins, minerals, plus essential and natural oils to condition your eyelashes and brows encouraging growth and thickness.
Longer Lash's ingredients do not contain parabens, fragrance, phenoxyethanol or propylene glycol. Click here to see all the ingredients.
See amazing results in just 4-6 weeks.
Longer Lash is an over-the-counter cosmetic product, not a prescription medication.
Made in USA.


Longer Lash Ingredients

powderSodium Carboxymethylcellulose

  • a plant-based thickener. 


allantoinPotassium Sorbate

  • a mild preservative used in the place of parabens which increases the shelf-life. 



  • an all natural vegetable based preservative that fights bacteria.



  • an essential amino acid which helps in collagen formation and hormones.


castor-oilCastor oil

  • a natural oil with omega-9 essential fatty acids helping eye lashes grow and thicken. 


peptide1Myristoyl pentapepetide-17

  • a special blend of peptides which encourage eyelash growth on a molecular level.


peptide3Copper peptide

  • a peptide which stimulates the capillaries and helps human follicles switch from the dormant telogen state into the hair-growing anagen state.



  • a B vitamin necessary in cell growth which encourages hair growth.


argan12Argan Oil

  • oil which hydrates the eyelashes making them thicker, stronger and decreases fall out.


emu-oiEmu Oil

  • all natural moisturizing agents which promote quick absorption of the active ingredients into the skin. 



  • helps replenish and rejuvenate lashes and provides luster and shine.



  • a chemical compound that comes from the extracts of a comfrey plant and promotes healthy tissue formation.


With 5 ml container, Longer Lash boast on it's bigger size than their competitor that usually last for 3 months top.

However, as far as I know, products for the eyes, including mascara as made for use for 3 months maximum after opening to avoid 'bad things' to happen. Germs aka bacteria may develops hence I still do recommend using it around 3 months and then change into a new bottle.


It took me a while reviewing this product, not just since the product itself is not an instant one but I have ups and downs.

The first time receiving the tube, it was broke into pieces from the delivery process, hence another one is sent and it was in one complete piece.

The liquid inside is clear and the orange tiny brush works perfectly.


It was like a runny gel, a gel alright but a thin runny one. The applicator is fine, thin and comfortable to be used, it's just the sensation of the formula surprise me a bit, it has this warm, irritation like feeling and it turns out to be normal (according to their website) and it will goes away. It did, but I still feel the discomfort and slightly stings.

I'm a contact lenses user and it was said to be safe, this is actually the positive side, since others usually advice to be used when contact lenses are not on. Still, I don't really enjoy the mild sting feeling. It made me want to close my eyes and sleep. So I usually use it before bed. And when I wake up, it become crystallize, a fancy word of eye crust.


There are times where I can stand the 'sting' sensation and there are many which I can't. So I'm not using regularly despite that I want to. After all, I still eager to give a full review. More like 2-3 times a week. And I never get used to the mild irritation upon using it.

How about result? After about a month the lashes do feels stronger but I don't really see significant result in terms of thicker and fuller.

I use an eyelash extension now and the number of lash falling out on daily basis reduce by far.  From around 2-3 lashes per day to 2-3 lashes per week. And those lashes are visibly seen since, again, I'm using eyelash extension. For me, the result itself is wonderful, I want stronger lashes first and then later on, hopefully, longer, thicker, fuller lashes in the end.


Thank you so much Lash Green!

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