Sunday, December 27, 2015

Caribou Coffee

Hello lovelies,

finally I'm back with my blog. It's been a month and I keep being away on holidays, not that I complain, so let's start with something fresh, like coffee fresh.

Who doesn't love coffee, ooh the smell, aroma of the freshly made one, it awakens me in so many different level.


My Grandpa and Dad as well both loves coffee. There's not a day they didn't drink one. I've grown up smelling coffee, one in the morning and another in the afternoon around tea time. They are both like their coffee black, sometime with sugar and a few time with creamer added. They are not the kind of people that enjoy something that perhaps too immature in their mind. Not the ones that are bombarded with sugar, flavors, and of course, no whipped cream for sure. Nothing fancy, something that are made from Lampung would do the trick.

Invited by Caribou brings me back to those times with them.

My grandfather pass away around 3 years ago, and for me it's still feel like yesterday. Every black coffee that I smell in the afternoon reminds me of him. People who loves and enjoys coffee has this passion in life that I find to be attractive. I become a coffee lover my self, I always an Espresso kinda gal, I went to Italy to have that perfect cup that I never forget.


Aside from coffee, other drinks also available in Caribou, like the teas and sparkling drinks which I found to be unique. And of course, their desserts and sandwiches are sublimes!!


Nevertheless, we're here for the coffee, and with their little tests, they are giving us a treat of how barista live. Tasting the coffee, the mixture, what's behind it and the stories of the beans.


Thank you so much Caribou Coffee for inviting me, I was reminded of the coffees that I love.

One of their highlights are the mocha's, specially blended using real chocolates, perfect for those who loves the blends.


See you soon at Caribou!


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  1. Yup I totally agreed with that "Who doesnt love coffee's ?" . When I visited to South Korean they drink coffee almost 20 big cups a day ! . I kinda shock back then , when I go to korean company which is KBS ( want to meet my uncle who works overthere ) he said even when lunch also they want order coffer . So the question is "Who doesn't love coffee?" Nobody said "No" hahaha . Nice post ! .btw I'm from Malaysia

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