Sunday, December 13, 2015

Anna Sui Nail Color Iridescence

Hello lovelies,

Anna Sui launches many adorable and pretty cosmetics during the Holiday and in this particular year, these are the 5 nail polishes which comes in chameleon colors. They are the Iridescence colors.


From purplish gold, golden purple, green gold, cobalt blue, to golden bronze. They are all mesmerizing and worth collecting.

Like usual, all products from Anna Sui designed beautifully from the bell-like shape or perhaps a twirling peplum dress to the cute bird oh her nest at the top.

The quality and size of the brush is perfect and made for clumsy hands to look like an expert, plus the texture of the nail polish is watery yet sticks perfectly on it's place.


Clearly I'm not an expert, but the brush and liquid is easily applied, making me look like someone who uses nail polish on daily basis like a pro.

The liquid dried almost instantly in an air con room and on some shade like the golden green or gold bronze need a several coat to become bold. Overall, I applied 2-3 coats on each fingers.


Each finger representing each color.


And here are the shades on each finger with their numbers.


The thumbs are wearing greenish gold from I605. A truly luxurious gold that is perfect for this time of the year, a golden moment.


I203 in purple infused with gold. one of the iconic shade which I think represent Anna Sui, she always have purple in her collection and nail color wont be hers if they don't have the purple shade.



Gold with hints of purple. Elegance in each stroke. I love this color as the chameleon effect is just irresistible and flaunting.


Sparkles of warm bronze in I500 that I think will look amazing on any skin tone. It's subtly reddish, brown and with glittery golds too. They look sheer but still very pretty and one of my favorite.


Last but not least I104.

A hint of silvery sparkles on the cobalt blue. One of the royal color that I love. It's sophisticated beautiful.

There you go, each shade and their charm. They are all smells really good when dry, a tea rose, signature scent of Anna Sui, from makeup, skincare to their nail colors.

The nail colors last long on some but chipped easily on some. The color that has the most gold can be peeled off while shade like purple and blue sticks better and last longer too.

Overall, a lovely collection from Anna Sui not to be missed. Perfect for an Anna Sui fan (or not) that loves unique shade and scented nail polish.

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia

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