Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sociolla Beauty Box

Hello everyone,

year 2015 is almost over, it's been a really fast one for me, feel's like I just gave birth to my second one and now she is almost two years old. I guess it goes well with the sayings of time flies when you're having fun, I sure do have plenty of fun in 2015.

Now, at the last month of the year, Sociolla sent me their Beauty Box, a curated items that varied from skincare, perfume, makeup and body too.


I find my favorite in L'Occitane Pamplemousse Rhubarbe Shower Gel. It was soft, delicious, citrus, sweet and wonderful to be used daily. It cleanses without making the skin dry. I'm in love with the scent and sending me one making me wanting the whole set.


The next item is an eyeliner from Prestige Cosmetics which doesn't stay long on my eye lines, in facts, it was pretty much making a mess with smudges.

And there's also Laneige Water bank Essence, Bioderma Sensibio H20, one of GlamGlow Mask, and a perfume from Acca Kappa that smells wonderfully floral with a touch of musk and freshness from the hint of fruits. Perfect as a sample but not enough for a perfume addict like me. I guess Sociolla give people enough to tease them and buying the real thing.


If you're curious about Sociolla, click HERE

and if you're interested in trying them with voucher from me, use mine the code is CAR50 for every Rp.250.000 purchase for normal price items or discounts as well. I suggest you to get the ones in discounted prices, since it means, more discounts haha! I'm a budget tai tai for sure!

See you at Sociolla. lovelies.

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