Sunday, December 13, 2015

Anna Sui 2015 Holiday Collection Mystic Snow

Hello lovelies,

it will be tons of products from Anna Sui on my blog ^__^ and I'm so happy to share them with you as they are the limited edition products available for only during this festive season.

The Holiday Collection Mystic Snow consist of two packages, Frozen Love and Thawed Heart.


Each has Rose Cheek Color N, Lipstick M, Color Powder and a gorgeous box.


Everything screams out luxurious, super pretty and adorable. Look at the details of the container, packaging of each product and the shades picked for the each set.


The box itself worth collecting.

Now, let's see what's inside each box.

Frozen Love
contain Rose Cheek Color N number 1, Lipstick M number 1, and Color Powder number 1.

Thawed Heart
contain Rose Cheek Color N number 2, Lipstick M number 2, and Color Powder number 2.


Froze Love is more pinkish with white sparkly color powder that looks like snow. The blush on and the lipstick are pinker than Thawed Heart.

Thawed Heart is more like coral, golden coral and comes with sparkly pink color powder.


I'm ready to play with them.

The highlight of the set is of course like it's name, Mystic Snow, so we can expect the shades are cold and snowy. Cool and pretty for sure as well. The lipstick embedded with golden swirls and the color powder infused with dazzling sparkles that can be used for just about anything. Hair, as eye shadow, lip glitters, to sparkly tattoo and body glitters.


The lipstick is smooth and the color emphasize on the shine and hydrating ability. I don't have to use any lip balm since it's moisturizing enough. The shade is almost like my lips, pinkish and the added golds makes them look irresistibly sexy.

On the below image, I'm using everything from Frozen Love.


(Frozen Love on my right hand, Thawed Heart at my left)

Subtle pink complete with a highlights and the color powder is sprinkled on the eye lid and as a highlighters too on my upper cheek area. I look glistening and radiant at the same time. It's like Elsa inspired makeup do.


Next is Thawed Heart, the blush on has pink, white, beige and coral. I'm using it the Color Powder on my lips this time and it was fantastic.


Glowing, pink with a hint of magenta and comfortable to be used. I love it.

Beside as it is, the Color Powder can be used with the loose powder, sprinkle some on the powder puff and gently tap the skin all over to get that light luminous touch of pearly radiance.

Perfect for a bride on her special day.


The makeup collection is beautiful, infused with skincare and everything from the packaging to the container are irresistible. I can use the box for my makeup collection or perhaps as a jewelry box.

Stay tune as I will share more about Anna Sui cosmetic collection for this season, it is surely a season to be jolly.

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