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Saeru Whitening Lotion Clearist and Cream of Decencia

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Whitening products are always the one that gets the attention, either from being able to transform someone to have fairer skin or the contrary, causing more problems than solution. Yes, we do have to be careful with the ingredients inside a product. Some contain chemical that will ruin our skin cells while some works in a good way where it reduces the sensitivity so the skin less prone to dark spots made due to irritants.

I was hesitant at first trying Saeru, but after reading every details from the website:, I'm certain that this is the kind of whitening I want to use on my skin.


With the principal of sensitive skin will eventually make the skin looks darker, more dull and decrease in function, Saeru develops products that help reduce the sensitivity and help calming the skin. Using ingredients from the nature and step by step action for the skin to become translucent and fairer.


One the website, please do spend time to read more on the ingredients, how the product works and some testimonial given by users with various age.


The whole series contain 5 products, from lotion, cream, essence, milk and body UV. Mine is the lotion and cream. I use the clear lotion after cleaning the skin, followed directly with the cream.


Details from


Skin filled with moisture to increase the brightness instantly.
Medicated whitening cosmetic liquid that leads to beautiful strong angle layer while whitening.

· It supports the production of ceramide which is apt to be short on sensitive skin, brings clarity shining from the inside.
- By blending a composite of carefully selected essential amino acids of five in the skin inside the "amino complex" to replenish the moisture directly to the stratum corneum cells one by one.
- By blending the component moisture permeability retention, whitening ingredient penetrates to every corner of the skin instantly.
haste clarity will overflow from the moment that was then familiar.

Spread to the whole face after warming in the palm appropriate amount (¥ 100 large ball) immediately after washing the face, let soften for about three seconds wrap up the cheek.
The tears devoted to both middle finger then, Wrap ridge of the nose, the mouth in the palm.
The coats the same amount In addition, the snug about 3 seconds to chin and forehead and let you be familiar with the eyes four fingers other than the thumb at the end.
※ Please coats carefully in part worried about drying.

Usage step (image)


Medicated whitening cream to penetrate water as overflow, leading to a feeling of transparency, such as freeze from the inside.

And patent applied technology of Disenshia own "Vai data cycle veil ®", infiltrated all ingredients while moisturizing, sealed. Without missing the active ingredient, and whitening carefully in the depths of the skin while you sleep.
Halt, reducing the skin function "oxidation" and reset the damage. I thoroughly support the skin repair.
- I adopted a fresh texture while being a high moisturizing power, like water overflowing.
※ When dry mature skin, morning, please use between Deimiruku and lotion.

Is taken up in the palm (about 1 large grain pearl of) an appropriate amount and let you be familiar towards the temple from the center of the cheek after warming.
To raise the face line, amounted to adapt towards the temple from the center.
Then, push the temple from the care of both eyes under part four fingers other than the thumb.
Wrapped in palm the entire face to finish and ensure that it makes good contact.
Usage step (image)


These products works hand in hand to help soothe the skin condition and gives ample hydration for the skin so it was kept being moisturized and calmed.

The lotion feels comfortable on the skin, light, hydrating and easily accepted by the skin. The cream on the other hand feels so rich and I thought it will be difficult to be absorbed and I was wrong, the cream like melts almost instantly. The details given on the website on how to use is definitely helpful and making sure I'm using them correctly, I wish I have the complete set, yes, I'm really fond of these products.

My sensitive skin (plus added more due to the pregnancy) appreciate the calming effect and moisturizing effect, for me it's like a soothing product that provide high hydration with a plus effect of translucent skin. It helps repair the skin while giving it more suppleness, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant

I need to use the product everyday for the skin to become clearer and clearer, especially from the dark spots that already formed for years.


You may also found the details from the packaging which is all in Japanese language, so if you're not familiar with the language, go the website and use Google for translation.


Thank you so much Mr. Y for for the products fresh from Japan.

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  1. Hydration is the most important feature I'm looking for whitening lotions. I got dry skin on the sides of my nose. I've used countless touted effective skin whitening lotions in the Philippines but nothing seems to work. Where did you get this from anyway? How do I order?