Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One (03 Natural) and BB Silk PorelessWhite Cake Powder (01 Light)

Hello ladies!!!

Maybelline has launched many many many cake powder over these months and Clear Smooth is one of the series that keep developing new varieties according to the trend.


The All in One and BB Silk are among the new ones, where the simple rounded shape is their 'old' product that I've used for years.

Now, the spotlight is for the All in One and BB Silk.

I have mine in 2 different shades.

The All in One is in 03 Natural, a shade that definitely too dark for me, I've tried it on my face and I look like someone whose been staying under the sun for too long, or been expose with a bad fake tan.

So, there wont be an image of me using the All in One on my face here. 


Both have a somewhat similar texture but the BB Silk do feels smoother and silkier on the skin.

Please do click the image below to read the details of each product.


BB Silk 01 Light has a pinkish base while All in One in 03 Natural is yellowish. The 03 Natural actually closer to my skin if it wasn't too dark, an 02 or 01 of an All in One would probably suits me best.


Probably a mixed of both will be suitable for me.

Below is the result of me using the BB Silk, it was a bit too fair for me.


The product itself is soft and easy to use. May be used on a dry or damp condition. Over any foundation or BB Cream I have, but may be used alone as well for a lighter coverage than full. The packaging is cute, the purple shiny material can be helpful as a mirror (not that the one inside not enough).


On the image above the difference between my neck and face is clearly seen, so perhaps 02 is my number for BB Silk.

The product helps covering the pores for a more smooth look (BB Silk). It last for around 4 hours in an air-con room.

I didn't have the chance to try the All in One outside my home due to the darkness of the shade, the texture of the powder is a bit rougher than BB Silk, I think the All in One is better to be used on dry skin.

Both of the products have affordable prices and suitable for use in Jakarta (hot and humid land). Both gives the skin a nice soft finish with no cakey effect.

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