Thursday, November 28, 2013

Aigner, Debut

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almost everyone loves perfume, they come in so many different varieties and aroma. Perfume has been used since the beginning of time and what it used to be items for royalties only, can now be enjoyed by everyone.

Aigner has created Debut, a fragrance for woman that comes in a simple bottle decorated and made with care. A pink fluid inside and an aroma that smells so good. Below are the details from the press release.


The DÉBUT of a new feminine fragrance from Aigner

Following the recent launch of their eponymous men’s scent, Aigner No1, the Aigner fragrance portfolio continues to flourish and to reflect the brand’s fashion credentials. Aigner Parfums introduces DÉBUT, their elegant new female perfume which makes its inaugural appearance on the world stage.

DÉBUT is a floral oriental perfume.  Fresh top notes flow gracefully into a rich intense heart and rounds off with subtle base notes of warmth and sensuality.  Bergamot, Petitgrain, Mandarin, Green Apple and Yuzu start proceedings with a lively opening statement.  The journey continues with shades of Orange Flower, Jasmine and Water Lily teamed with Ambrette Seed.  The final movement culminates with Cedarwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vanilla and White Musks playing their part with faultless ease.

DÉBUT is a scent that whilst refreshingly modern, evokes a timeless classic twist that brings a new dimension of luxury for those who appreciate elegance and beauty.  A simple, elegant bottle which captures the spirit of female beauty and is both tactile and gracefully curved.  The signature Aigner horseshoe is engraved on the cap.  DÉBUT is presented in delicate shades of rose and highlighted by an opulent gold font to herald its arrival.

There are two elegant additions to the DÉBUT collection.  A Luxury Body Lotion and Luxury Bath and Shower Gel are infused with the same delicate oriental accents of the Eau de Parfum for a totally sumptuous pampering experience.

The creative campaign shot by Markus Jans epitomises the essence and timeless nature of DÉBUT. The stunning image features the top model, Malene Knudsen revelling in the glow of adoration.
DÉBUT is a scent that captures the spirit of today. It symbolizes creativity… think of an actress making her first stage appearance… anticipation precedes her arrival and the performance is breath-taking.

Aigner DÉBUT:

Eau de Parfum 100ml                          Rp. 960.000,-
Eau de Parfum 50ml                            Rp. 760.000,-
Eau de Parfum 30ml                            Rp. 500.000,-

Luxury Body Lotion 200ml                 Rp. 370.000,-
Luxury Bath & Shower Gel 200ml     Rp. 370.000,-


The event is bombarded with pink light and gorgeous aroma from the perfume. It was really is a graceful perfume that deserve the spotlight. I found it between classic and refreshingly modern. Beautiful, exquisite and expensive is three words to describe the scent. Expensive, not in a sense of price (since many or more than the price offered) but the scent itself felt expensive and one should be precious enough to use it.

This is my current favorite perfume at the moment, the packaging looks really simple yet heavy, it shown that it was made from a high quality material. The body lotion complements the perfume in so many ways, using them together made the scent last almost all day long.


I love the first note, middle and all the way to the base, there are some key ingredients that I really look into, from the Yuzu, Green Apple, Mandarin, Jasmine, Orange Flower, Water Lily, Vanilla, and White Musks.


Thank you Aigner Indonesia.

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