Monday, November 25, 2013

Lancome Mat Miracle Liquid Foundation 24H in O-01

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I know it's weekend and I'm busy writing all of this down as stuffs are piling up and I need to get them done as I hate to see wonderful products queuing for my attention ^__--


(On the image above, it's Mat Miracle with Hypnose (Doll Eyes) Palette

Usually I goes to PO as in Pink Ocher but this time I prefer something that more to the Ocher alone, so O-01 it is. As usual a variety of tones are available to match the customers skin shade perfectly.

Here is the details from

The new long wear miracle: Mat Miracle 24H. A unique combination of 4 patented Aura ™ and Eternal Soft Fix Complex™ technology, for satin luminous finish and all day wear. All-day sebum resistant and shine control. All-day heat and humidity proof. All-day no transfer

To let makeup last longer, it is recommended to apply La Base Pro as makeup base before using foundation. Apply Mat Miracle 24H liquid foundation with a foundation brush to create an expert finish. Then apply the Teint Miracle loose powder to set your foundation


You may read more details on the packaging.


I used them on a clean skin after toner-serum-moisturizer combo. I didn't use any base before the foundie. According to my last visit to the Lancome counter, the O-01 should be the right shade for me.

Below is a thick swatch of the product on my skin.


As seen, my face do have some discoloration, acne marks, ongoing acne (ugh annoying!), some dark spots and fine lines. Somehow during the pregnancy with all the hormones going on, my cells seems to be a bit more active hence the sebum are more visible and difficult to avoided, known as oily skin condition due to hormonal changes.


Above is the after look when I applied them well and evenly, the foundie gives me a matte finish which I clearly need it at the moment. The fine lines are covered and so does the discoloration become even and natural. I don't experience any heavy/thick feeling, in fact it was pretty light and very comfortable. I like how it mask some of the acne as well, I do still need a concealer on the area affected by erupting acne.


Here it is, my final look after using concealer, loose powder and decorative makeup (mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, and so on).

The Mat Miracle Liquid Foundation 24H in O-01 is the perfect solution for my skin condition at the moment. The lovely matte finish is brilliant since the 'aura-inside' technique is still used, so the skin wont be appearing as a dull-matte-no light-boring looking finish, but matte in a beautiful way possible. I love how it stay with me during my activity indoor and outdoor (with adding water-based sun screen before the foundation), it does stay against humidity and shines. But for those with extra oily skin may use a mattefying powder after the Mat Miracle Liquid Foundation for added 'protection' against the shine and melts.

Use a brush for a better application, but dry sponge will also do. Have none? Use finger tips in a quick dabbing movement following the hairlines.

Sweating after using the makeup? Gently use a clean facial tissue and dab the sweats away, don't swipe the tissue as it will 'take' more makeup than gently dabbing the areas in need.

Thank you Lancome Indonesia.

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