Thursday, November 7, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Loves Color in Pink Lolita

Hi all!!

I guess by this time everyone already heard about Baby Lips, it's been a while since they launched and get a whole lotta buzz in the bloggers world. They are cute, colorful and add splash of colors to the lips.

Baby Lips Loves Color (and even now in the USA they come in electro, yes, shocking color!!! Cool!)



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Serious lip care with a kick of color!

  • Get 6 hrs of continuous moisture for baby soft, kissable lips with a kick of color!
    Comes in two shades: Pink Lolita and Rose Addict

Back to Pink Lolita, the balm is definitely deserve the title of a lip balm, it help moisten up the lips with hint if color, it was pink and somewhat mimicking the lips natural color, with a bit tendency to the pink side, but something put me off. The strawberry scent is pleasant at first but after a while the balmy kinda rubbery taste comes along.

So here are the conclusion:

The Pure Color System that gives translucent popping color that shine
Hours and hours of continuous moisture
Got Vit E, Jojoba Oil, for a soft, supple lips away from dryness.
SPF 16
Juicy berry scent

The balmy feeling after the scent reduced.


  1. dari dulu pengen banget beli ini, thanks reviewnya ;)

  2. is baby lips pink lolita made in thailand? asking because i got this product but i think this is fake so thats why am confused..plz help me how can i know the original baby lips pink lolita?

  3. Hi Anindita

    This is Maybelline Baby Lips, in Pink Lolita shade. NOT "baby lips pink lolita" as a name of a product, do google up. And the product reviewed here in my post is original as they are sent to me by Maybelline Indonesia. Very unlikely to be fake.