Monday, November 25, 2013

Maybelline Fruity Jelly in Berry Bella

Olaaa pretties,

lip gloss are always 'in' don't you think?! It freshen up he whole look and made the user seems younger too ^^ I remember using a whole lotta lip gloss during my 20's.


details from

So Glossy, So Yummy, So Fun

  • Memberikan bibirmu warna segar yang dikombinasikan dengan gloss yang tahan lama.
  • Dengan 7 aroma yang juicy.

The aroma is juicy alright but at the first squirt the clear gel running first before the bright reddish pink jelly comes out.


Still, like most lip gloss, it is sticky and please avoid the hair from the lips as it will attached to each other like lovers.


Best part? The shine of course, and the jelly can be used on top of anything, any lipstick colors and create a dimension, or on a nude lips for that sheer berry look. It is a simple product that add some juiciness to the lips.

Thank you Maybelline Indonesia.

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