Saturday, November 16, 2013

Katy Perry Killer Queen EDP

Hello ladies!!

Katy Perry is here with her new perfume called Killer Queen. The media event is held at the atrium of mall in South of Jakarta.

It was more as a customer event than  media, customers are gathered to win the poster signed by Ms. Perry herself. My main focus? The perfume itself.


“When I was creating Killer Queen, I was really inspired by the idea of a strong, confident woman in power and that is exactly what I hoped to put into this fragrance, something that brings out the power inside of you.”
Katy Perry

Playful and daring, Katy Perry’s unbridled artistic vision bends the rules and breaks the mold with a vivaciously original spark.

Killer Queen by Katy Perry

The new, strikingly gorgeous fragrance that captures Katy Perry’s rebellious spirit throwing convention to the wind.

The Fragrance
Created by Laurent Le Guernec of IFF, Killer Queen is an addictive fragrance that bewitches, indulges and demands to be noticed.
“The Red Velvet Flower inspired this creation beginning with the richness of the burgundy red, the velvety feel reminiscent of a royal cape and its deep textured floral scent”, says Laurent Le Guernec.

Top Notes
Wild Berry
Dark Plum

Middle Notes
Red Velvet Flower
Natural Jasmine Sambac
Rainbow Plumeria

Base Notes
Natural Patchouli Heart
Liquid Praline

Perfumer: Laurent Le Guernec, IFF

The Bottle
Inspired by a queen’s scepter, the distinct jewel-shaped bottle in shades of royal red and gold portrays sexy sophistication and lawless luxury. The faceted bottle rests languorously on its side, like a loose, precious gem fit for a Queen. The regality of the bottle is enhanced with a rich gold crown showcasing a custom crest capturing Katy Perry’s playful essence—regal cats, a music clef, hearts and dagger.
The Carton
The imperial red carton echoes the royalty of a Killer Queen with a tufted textured pattern reminiscent of a throne framed with a fanciful ermine border.  Playful gold crowns add whimsy to the carton while the signature Katy Perry crest and ornate filigree logo add prominence and distinction.
The Advertising
Shot by top fashion photographer Tim Walker and visionary director Jonas Akerlund, the Killer Queen advertising campaign captures the duality within Katy Perry… extreme femininity and ultimate power with an irreverent wink. Illuminating her rebellious spirit, the campaign depicts Katy Perry as an empowered and headstrong Killer Queen who defies convention and takes the throne by storm!
“Artistic, creative and a consummate professional, Katy Perry has been an amazing partner to Coty,” says Steve Mormoris, Coty Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. “Together with director Jonas Akerlund and photographer Tim Walker, Katy Perry helped us to create an incredible film and iconic visuals that will launch this fall when Killer Queen hits stores all over the world. We are thrilled to bring to consumers such an innovative campaign and fragrance.”

Own the Throne!

Perfumer: Laurent Le Guernec, IFF
Packaging: Katy Perry in collaboration with Lutz Herrmann
Photographer: Tim Walker
Director: Jonas Akerlund
Advertising Agency: Laird & Partners
Makeup: Jake Bailey
Hair: Renato Campora
Stylist: Lori Goldstein

The Collection
Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum 100 ml / 3.4 oz : Rp. 690.000,-
Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum 50 ml / 1.7 oz : Rp. 600.000,-
Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum 30 ml / 1 oz : Rp. 480.000,-

Available November 2013


The video, this is a must watch as she deliver power, strength and gorgeousness all at once:


The games, shows, dance, it's all presented for the beloved customers on the event.


Why are they so interested, some of the customers are there for the Katy Perry persona itself, she is a remarkable singer that have these unique features that portrays what women nowadays want to be, beautiful yet strong as well.

The perfume definitely suitable for the image she wants to give in every spritz of the way. The fist note is all about freshness with deep flavor of berries and plum. I can hardly feel the Bergamot before the flowers came. I'm wishing for a more Plumeria but it was soft compared to other powerful ingredients that won the nose over.

Settled by this one note that seems to be a hit since last year, Patchouli, and smoothed by Cashmeran and Liquid Praline. It was something alright for the senses. She offers a sweetness in an intense solid flowery fragrance.

The scent last around 4 hours or so, suitable to be used after sunset but anyone who have the confident can use it just about anytime.


As seen the bottle wont be able to stand on its own and it will be put in a lying mode, yet the twirling crown is fun at the same time.

It is definitely a perfume that suits a confident woman with her complete package, like a queen, strong, independent, beautiful and someone who rule.


  1. Waaahh ini yang di pim ya ci? Aq tinggal ngesot nyampeee hahahah...sempet liat pas di pim merah2 gitu... enak ga ci wanginya?

  2. Iya di PIM haha jeli amat. Wanginya si personal ya, cocok buat malem, tapi adek gw demen pake seharian :D