Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask

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Sink some antioxidant Vitamin E into your skin. Bring skin back to optimum moisture level with this intensely hydrating mask.

Recommended use: To achieve maximum skin hydration, use this moisturizing facial mask once a week as part of your total skin care regime. Smooth a thin layer on cleansed skin, leave on 10 minutes, then tissue off excess or blend into skin and leave on overnight for an intensive moisture treatment. Use only a small amount– just enough to cover your skin.

Remember, use it on a cleansed skin.

I love the calming distinctive scent of Vitamin E from The Body Shop on all its range, including the Sink-In Moisture Mask. Soothing and just lovely. Now, the mask itself if lovely, like jello in terms of texture. Pink and creamy to the touch. I'm a fan of the Vitamin E range from TBS, most likely when my skin suffer irritation or dryness, I'll use the night cream and wakes up in a dewy moist skin, calm and safe. It's almost the same result as the night cream.

Take note that my skin is combination to dry, so the range is suitable for my skin. But, I did give my husband a try (his skin is oily), he did enjoy the calming effect as well, and since it is used for night time (bed time) when he wakes up, he just wash everything off and his skin looks radiant.

Overall, the mask is everything I imagine it would be, nothing less, nothing more.

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