Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The True Anti-Aging Essence

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It's belif time heehee.

Belif has been one of my favorite brand for this pass few months, why? Not just because of the philosophy but what it give birth to . . . a gorgeous products that loves me and my skin.

One of the item I recently have is from Stephanie, for her she dislike the scent and feels sticky, for me? Let's seeeeeee

Read the product details first to found out more. Details made available by

First it contains calendula, one of my favorite plants and I've been using it (on other brand) as a toner. Acai Berry, known as the powerful antioxidant that beneficial not just for our skin, but for our body as well when consumed.

Belif stays in the concept of aging skin will regain their youth by moisture/hydration, antioxidant as to repels the damaging effect of free radicals.

How does it feel?

Shake the bottle before usage to mixed the two part become together. Open the hat (it's really like a hat) and the cloudy liquid that smells herbally (for me it's a mixed between calendula and Indonesian herbal drink called 'beras kencur'). I love it.

The essence is runny and well, watery. Slippery too. I have difficulty taking the picture as it wont sit still. The essence feels light on me, light yet rich in the same time. Rich in terms of everything contains in it and I can see why Phanie said it feels oily on her.  And light in terms of visibility and texture. Now, how do I feel? Wonderful, my combination to dry skin loves it, if maybe you have oily skin you may use it during night time only before a moisturizer.

Overall, it's an anti aging product that pampers my skin with love, protection and gentleness. It provide hydration, vitamin and antioxidant. I'll share more review after using the product for a month, meanwhile, I am enjoying my days with the essence. 

Great news!
Belif is having workshops, here are the schedules:

Belif Beauty Workshop this November – December 2012.

The schedule is as below:

Sogo PIM 14 December 2012

Sogo KK 10 November 2012

Sogo CP 1 December 2013

Sogo KGM 23 November 2012

Time 3-5 PM

There will be
no charge for the attendees and you'll reveive shopping voucher Rp 100.000,- + Samples.

For registration the participant can send thru email to :

Sogo PIM

Sogo CP

Sogo KK

Sogo KGM

And cc the email to as well, so I can help confirming your RSVP

Yes, it's FREE!! So, what are you waiting for? Let's join and see the goodness behind Belif.

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