Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rules of Moist Ultra Hydro Cream

A moisturizer that offers hydration unlike the other. The texture reminds me of snows, dense snow without the chill. Then when applied to the skin it was exactly like mentioned, it created a thin film on top of the skin and all the hydration stays intact and on the skin throughout the day. You can read about all the ingredients and what's in it on the above image (from and let me share my experience.

After opening the lid I look at this gorgeous white creamy gel that feels rich and satisfying at the same time. It looks like a tub and I'm ready to soak in it. There is no scent I can sense of but the feeling on the skin is real. Put it inside a fridge and I enjoy the cool sensation every moisturizer time ^0^

Use it right after cleansing the face, toner and serum (if you like) and enjoy the smooth moisturizer all over your skin. Use it as a sleeping mask, day or night treatment, it is a wonderful product anytime. I do have combination to dry skin which probably a match for Ultra Hydro Cream but those with normal and oily skin may enjoy it as well, after all, everyone needs a thirst quencher for their skin.

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