Thursday, November 29, 2012

DIY Body Scrub with TBS Shea Beautifying Oil

Hello all!

I rarely share my DIY, but now as I have a chance and aware that some of us do have sensitive skin and unable to use just any exfoliating product, let's make one for our self shall we?!

Inspired by sugar base scrub by The Body Shop and their recent beautifying oil which can be use for just about any part of the body. I mixed them both.

Please read my previous review regarding Shea Beautifying Oil,

Now, just simply provide the beautifying oil (any type you like) and some sugar.

I mixed around 2 sachets of sugar and 3 tablespoons of beautifying oil for the whole body.

As sugar can't be diluted in oil, it will stay in their true form. Rough.

Here's a close up look. The oil will help as a lubricant and easily glide on the skin. It will exfoliate and help the blood circulation under the skin which promote better cleansing process. As sugar comes in many form, such as coarse or fine, it will gives choices of which type want to be used. I've used salt too and let's just say I prefer sugar ^__^

Same thing goes with the oil, I've tried virgin olive oil as well and I think beautifying oils from TBS is finer and feels lighter on the skin than any other oil too (in the range of same price or lower).

There you go, my simple DIY body scrub with an oil from TBS.

After the scrubbing (which was done when the skin is dry, rinse and the minute sugar touches the water they will dissolve gently, the 'scrub material' become smaller and smaller. I usually soak in a bath tub afterwards as the oils also keep the moisture intact and I wont be having a dry skin, instead, the skin feels so soft and smooth. Perfect as a night time treatment before bed as it induce relaxation.

Use a shower gel to clean everything, it won't lather much at first, do a second cleansing and a super clean fresh skin as a result.

Or do the scrub on a clean skin where later after rinsing the oils will stay on the skin, suitable for dry winter days.

All the props are courtesy of Ascott Raffles Place Singapore.

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