Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Colour Glide Lip Colour (14)

Detail from thebodyshop-usa.com:

A range of rich and luxurious, moisturizing lipsticks that offer long-lasting, intense color coverage while helping to condition the lips. Dermatologically tested.


Line along the natural line of the lips with Lip Liner before applying Colourglide Lip Colour, to create added definition and extra colour intensity. Applying a lip liner also helps to keep lip colour in tact by preventing feathering..


I use the lip tint from The Body Shop (Click HERE) before the Pink Ginger, I like to use a lip tint before any lipstick so when the lipstick is gone because being wiped away the color are still there.

The Colour Glide Lip Colour is easy to use, cute in packaging (secure and safe too, not easily opened by itself --- this is important especially when it's in the purse), a bit glossy but not so much, kinda semi matte after a while and the color pops out just like intended to be. Not really drying the lips but not so moisturizing either, so it's kinda in the middle.

The staying power is okay, the intensity of color last around 2 hours max and start fading away plus dries up too. Not waterproof and easily cleaned with lip cleanser.

Best features: safe to be use by human and when accidentally eaten licked.

Available for around 30 shades.


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