Monday, November 5, 2012

Hada Labo Ultimate Anti-Aging

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Another post of Hada Labo, lime mentioned on my previous post, Hada Labo in Indonesia carries 3 series. Hydrating/moisturizing (HERE), whitening (on my next post) and here it is, the anti aging series which is Lifting and Firming Care.

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I've used the lotion around 1 year ago, here's my review: Click Me!

From their original formula where one drop locks an ocean, Hada Labo create more products for a more precise approach on different skin's need.

Now the combo used together is definitely more effective than just alone (even better if there's a full scale products in the range, yes, it is a lot). But they complement each other and adding the effectiveness.

Compared to the hydrating series, aging lotion and milk is definitely thicker in terms of texture. But overall, they are still easily absorbed by the skin. Same 'terms' with the principal of Hada Labo as in not scented, no coloring, alcohol and mineral oil. I found the lotion and milk (of anti-aging series) to be a bit more 'oily' as it gives the skin more grease and I get a few acne after using it for a while (like after 3 consecutive days).

I stop using it and the acne are disappearing, so I use it again (the lotion and milk of anti aging series) and like after 3-4 days later another acne pops, hmm, let's just say, it's repeatedly the same condition.
Is it just me? I'll observe it more but for now that's my experience.

There's not a lot of acne, just a few but I rarely have one, so it may be due to one or more ingredients in the product that I might not aware of, or have sensitivity against it. So far I do avoid product contain collagen, retinol, and other few elements that can be found in some anti-aging products, maybe I should use them when I'm above 35, but for now, I don't think Hada Labo Ultimate Anti-Aging is the correct items for me.


  1. Aku lg pake yang Hada Labo Arbutin, lumayan light yang ini..^^

  2. Iya, yg Arbutin itu seri yang whitening, memang lebih light :)

  3. Apparently good. However, I only prefer Olay products