Monday, November 5, 2012

Retractable Blusher Brush and Foundation Brush by The Body Shop

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For makeup user, brush is their tool to create that flawless creation or something that helps the imagination comes to life.

And a good quality brush will make the look even better and safe for the skin too. I love brushes from The Body Shop, not just because they are so soft, but made from artificial hairs too without hurting any animal.

Really? Yes, The Body Shop and their affirming campaign of protecting the human right, environment and now animals, read HERE for more details.
And here are some of TBS brushes that I use, some? Yes, I still have a few more.

Product description
An elegant, high-quality brush that provides even application of The Body Shop make-up liquid foundations and highlighting products, with a natural-looking finish.

This is my newest item and has been using it for a while, the brush according to the BA (Beauty Advisor at the counter) can be use for lotion type of foundation and cream as well. But personally, I like it with a liquid type than a thick cream. A cream would be better with a sponge or finger.

The brush help me to apply the liquid foundation for a more even effect and it help the foundation gets into the narrowest places such as the area at the edges of the nose. But there are still some lines, so I need to gently brushes everything off until they are spread well.

After use the brush will become stiff due to the foundation and I always clean it right after each usage, and for me it's a more hygienic way as well.

Product description
Best if you want: A retractable makeup brush with a protective cap that is perfect for on-the-go application of your favorite blusher or bronzer.
How it works:
  • Super-soft synthetic hairs are long-lasting and specially cut to be extra gentle on delicate face skin.
  • Flexible, round-shaped head is ideal for applying and blending powder.
  • Removable cap protects brush hairs without leaving makeup residue in your purse or cosmetic bag.
    The retractable makeup brush is perfect for traveling. The cap are there making sure the brush stays protected, clean and secured. The hairs are suitable for powder makeup like bronzer, blushes and loose powder too.

    I can't complain anything about the product, I love it! It's perfect for me.

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