Friday, September 15, 2017

The Body Shop 3 in 1 Brow Definer

Hello lovelies,

The Body Shop has recently comes up with major sale. I got some of the goodies from their online shop and absolutely love how their neatly put all the things safe and sound for the delivery. The Body Shop is known for their love to their customers and clearly seen on the details.

One of the things inside was a 3 in 1 Brow Definer which I happen to choose in shade Medium Brown.


What's 3 in 1? The one for the brow, arch, and brush. That's 3 things in one neat handy product easy for traveling or placed at home.

For me, the shade is perfect, I don't really want a black eyebrows that completely different from my colored hair, or something that too light.


The price of the product is Rp. 149.000. You are more than welcome to purchase it during sale :D

Thanks to it's 3 in 1 I can simply bring this one and get a perfect eyebrows which define, highlights and tidies up with it's brush. Most eyebrows product usually comes with the one that  color, from gel, pencil, or even mascara, this one are pencils, but in two tones to really help shape things up.


First, I started by marking, filling in, drawing the lines and made sure they are in shape. The pencil has a nice smooth texture and easy to color with. I love how it easily grasp on the hairs. This is crucial as they make the eyebrows look natural and not like coloring skin.


Gently brush the inner part to create a gradation or illusion that the eyebrows are sharp and darker on the outer sides.

Look at the images below on how I use the product.


The first image, where I'm holding my nude make gel (not the Brow Define) is the before. Then the next image on top right is me filling the colors, next (down left) highlighting and last but not least (bottom right) using the brush. The texture of both pencils (color and highlight) are so soft and easy for drawing in, I really like the consistency, the pencils are persistent. But they do need to be kept closed as I don't want them to be dried out and harden. The thing about these kinds of pencils are like pencil eyeliners, they are soft since they do contain liquid as in perhaps watery ingredients since it made them the way they did, a bit mushy.


And the result, is a shaped brow filled with color and well highlighted. The color is wonderful and last (as long I don't wiped them off), they are not waterproof but resist water, so don't get drenched in the rain or run a marathon as they will definitely get off. So, if you happen to have an active normal life where you indoors most of the time, this should be just fine.

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