Monday, September 11, 2017

Majolica Majorca Nude Make Gel

Hello lovelies,

Those who follows me on instagram @Carnellin perhaps already see some of my photos using the product. The photos are mostly me with a nude makeup look, glossy skin and appear flawless, that's me using Majolica Majorca Nude Make Gel.


What is this Nude Male Gel?
This is a recently new product from Majolica Majorca that I found during my trip to Japan in 2017, the price of the gel is around 1400 Yen and nude look is a trend. Unlike BB Creams, this is gel, a pure gel in texture, feeling and in vision.

Said on the product, it is Lotion, Essence Gel, Make Up Base, Sunscreen (SPF 30 PA+++), and Color Controlled.

There's a new version for an active girl, I think that one is more matte while this one the natural glow appear to be glistening nude.


As usual, the details on Majolica Majorca container is super cute and irresistible. Look at the cap, the details of the crown and even fonts used. Everything is well made and carefully thought, and what's best is the stuff inside. Yes, it's the nude gel. I posted some video on insta storis how this creamy gel like melts on the skin and become so slippery, it's fun and great to be used too. 


I'm using it on my skin after being cleansed and using all the skincare. Either the gel is so acceptable or my skin embracing it really well, look at the before after image below. And the felling using the gel itself is wonderful, cool, light and very comfortable.


It covers all my blemishes, large pores, fine lines and redness or any uneven skin tone, yet, the skin still very much look like my skin, like I'm using nothing, look how smooth and 'nude' it is.


I love this product so much and been using it on daily basis now, it made me look so good. Either daily look or special occasion. With BB Cream I can still feel the powders and creamy texture, while with normal foundation is mostly powders and creams too, concealers are heavy, this one, Nude Make gel is perfect in terms of texture, it is something I can happily use everyday due to the light and cool texture. The feeling is so comfortable and I love it so much how it made me look so good. Summer, Spring or even Winter my skin will enjoy this gel watery texture, it's pleasing in so many ways.


What can I say, a great product doesn't always comes with a hefty price tag, Japan, you done it again.

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