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Vichy Idealia Lumiere

Hello lovelies,

these babies are a relatively a new items in the Vichy Singapore, a place where I bought them a few months back. Vichy itself is one of my favorite brand from France that provide beautiful skincare. I love their moisturizers, gel masks and so on.


These are some of products I have, but the stuffs that I'm reviewing in this post is only the Idealia Lumiere. The ones that I felt most interested at the moment since Idealia is a line made for 30's, which is my age right now.

It's the series that helps fighting dullness, large pores and uneven skin tone, the first signs of aging.


Apart from what I mentioned above, my skin is also dry, which is why, again, I choose Vichy Idealia since they do care for dehydration too, plus still in the heart of Vichy, they also contains mineralizing thermal water that contains necessary elements in keeping the skin stronger and in better condition.


You can get the moisturizer alone or like me, with the serum as well, since I don't think I can get over serums. They are made to marvel, lighter in texture but packed in things that I really need and essential for the skin.


All the details from how to, ingredients and what we expected from the product is listed in full information for anyone to see. So you can be sure there's no surprise, or may I say, unpleasant surprise later, just make sure you do read all the data, just in case you might have some allergies to one or some of the ingredients.

Aside from that, Vichy Idealia Lumiere comes in a lovely soft pink hue, it is hard to missed since it is probably the only series in Vichy that comes in pink. It is said that the effects of using them would create a charming rosy glow, this is really a trend among Asian with yellowish tone.


I am Asian and I do have fair yellowish tone, I don't mind my skin tone whatsoever but I do like to see how I am in rosy tone, perhaps they'll made me looks better.

Before we get to the review, let's see the details from the brand start from the moisturizer.


In only 1 month:
Skin feels more bouncy, plumpy: 86%*
Skin lools more transparent/translucent: 88%*
The yellowish skin tone looks reduced: 88%*
The skin tone looks more rosy glow: 84%*

*Self-evaluations, 51 Asian women (twice application a day) 35 to 57 y.o., 100% sensitive skin.

TOLERANCE validated on sensitive skins
Paraben-free, hypoallergenic, non comedogenic
Tested on Asian sensitive skins under dermatological supervision


Translucent emulsified gel very fresh and comfortable.
It is inspired from hydration formula, really breakthrough for whitening range.
Non greasy and non sticky finish. 24 hour hydration

Use as a moisturizer in the day.


Amazing isn't it?! The result are seen and felt within a month, that's pretty fast for a skincare product, a drugstore brand to be exact. The formula has a rich creamy yet light texture which I can use day (and night too). I don't feel any greasy nor oily side effect, just comforts and love those hydrating agents. My skin enjoys the softening effects too, they made my skin appear more relaxed, calm and there's this lovely, in-love-like radiant glow.

Good news for healthy minded people, their product is paraben free, hypoallergenic and best of all, non comedogenic. Do you know that using bad products can gives you comedo, acne and even irritate the skin? So do use ones that are known for being safe and effective at the same time. Never go and sought products that doesn't comes with safety standards or your skin will pay for it.

As for me, Vichy is a guarantee of a high quality product made with safety and care in hand.


And Idealia Lumiere is a range that is so perfect for me right now, it have all the needed basic for a 30's like me, from the texture, brightness, anti dullness, moisture, to this amazing radiant without any guilt that they will clogged the pores nor paraben.

Adding the brilliance of the product, I use the serum as well, just before the moisturizer.

EFFICACY evaluated by DERMATOLOGISTS In only 1 month: -Dewy radiance +19%*
-Skin transparency + 24%*
-Reduced yellowness:94%**
-Reduced dullness 91%**
*Clinical scoring on 42 Chinese women, by dermatologist under controlled light at T0, T4weeks and T8 weeks.

TOLERANCE validated on sensitive skins Paraben-free, hypoallergenic Tested on Asian skins under dermatological supervision.

SENSORIALITY acclaimed by WOMEN Rosy, light and fluid jellified texture. Very easy to spread and quick to penetrate. Skin is immediately more even, soft and velvety. 24 hour hydration***.
***Hydration test made with a corneometer

Apply a few drops of serum in the morning and night to cleansed skin. Smooth gently from the middle of the face, in an outward direction. For maximum effect, follow with Idealia Lumiere's moisturisers.-*-

The serum is of course, lighter, runnier, and easier to be taken by the skin. So I clean my skin really well, use a toner or softening water or face mist, and this serum. It's a watery gel in texture and has a similar scent with the moisturizer, soft floral.

They both are made to be used with each other. They compliment each other, one prep the skin with abundance of ingredients that

Recharge the skin with Peony root and Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water to energize fatigue skin for hydrated rosy glow in gel like form which is so lighter and the other in creams that seals the deals. So one works by penetrating into the skin while the other on the surface.


The result is everything you see in my skin. Soft, radiant, moist, supple and a hint of rosy glow which I find to be a nice surprise. A brightening product usually stuck on being so fair and pale, while this one is making the skin appears happy with a hint of blush.

Conclusion, definitely products that I'd recommend.

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