Thursday, September 7, 2017

Guerlain Lip & Cheek Tint

Hello lovelies,

this is Guerlain Lip & Cheek Tint which I've been using for the couple last photo shoots for that perfect hint of pinkness on my cheeks.

I'm using the Lip & Cheek on my wet base, you know, with the foundation and everything that is still creamy, lotion and things before any powder being put on. And I must say, it create a pretty awesome summer look that glows.

But first, let's see all the details about the product from Guerlain.


La Petite Robe Noire Lipcheek by Guerlain, the new tailor-made Rosy Glow for cheeks and lips.
Do you know the secret of Parisian women, with their natural and effortless beauty, as though they only took five minutes to get themselves ready?!

Guerlain presents Lipcheek, an essential accessory, directly inspired by the Parisian chic of La Petite Robe Noire. A tinted  2-in-1 gel, to be applied as a blush and to the lips for an ultra-natural make-up result and an instant rosy glow effect.

Be amazed by the fluorescent pink colour when it comes out of the bottle but turn into a sheer shade when you apply it. Easy to blend in, its universal colour reacts to the skin pH to adapt to each skin tone and bring out a natural pink tone. Build the intensity depending on your mood, from fresh pink to a more intense shade. The more you apply to your lips and cheeks, the deeper you'll go... into the pink!

What’s its extra ""je ne sais quoi""? A delicious gourmand fragrance and a formula that preserves skin hydration – no more unsightly marks or tugging sensations when applying!



A floral fruity fragrance with accents of bergamot, rose and raspberry, inspired by the delicious notes of La Petite Robe Noire. An exquisite, spellbinding and addictive flavour!


+19% hydration after 6 hrs*
Satisfaction guaranteed: 91% - Does not leave marks on the skin
88% - The texture fuses with the skin
81% - The texture does not emphasise the pores, fine lines or wrinkles
84% - A rapid result, easy application and an even result

Directions for use

- Cheeks make-up:
Use the applicator to apply a drop onto the cheek and allow the texture to melt in by massaging the skin using circular movements with the fingers. Wash your hands after application.
The added bonus: Use the Guerlain foundation brush to apply the AL14 and avoid staining your fingers!

- Lips make-up:
Apply a drop of Lipcheek to the lips, then spread out the texture using the applicator. If your lips are naturally dry, apply nourishing Superlips My Supertips balm first.


For the vivid rosy cheek I use three layers, seems like they are more on my fingers than on the cheeks, that is the most problem on all lip and cheek stuff, perhaps a clear silicone sponge should do 

the trick for every lip and cheek stain out there in the market. The brush or sponge will also help, but it only do help in not staining the fingers, yet the tools still absorb the tint.

I don't have any problem with the texture, scent and feeling when using the product but I just don't want to waste them, they are so precious. The fresh berries, rose , bergamot are just too good to be true. And the texture of the gel, it's addictive. So slippery, gooey and fun to use.


Personalise your make-up result: the more Lipcheek you apply to your lips and cheeks, the deeper you'll go... into the pink!
- One layer: An ultra-natural pink
- Several layers: An over-intense pink

Above image is me with several layers, for an over-intense pink and below with just one layer.


The result is very much natural, like just a hint of pinkness on my cheek.


Perfect for a more sophisticated look where several layers offer a fun and dynamic version.


And below, is me using the product on my lips, a product that appear so glossy and gooey at first will settle into this pink matte finish.

The scent, texture and feeling is stronger on the lips than on my cheeks, I guess the thin skin of the lips can absorb and took more than the skin on the cheeks and moreover I can just pressed my lips together and they'll get even more intense that way.


The product is lovely, my lips are dry, and unlike other lip and cheek tint where they just give color, this tint gel moisten the harden parts of the skin of my lips and made them soft again, so there's no tacky dead skin leftovers on the lips, the appearance of the lips become smooth and filled with fresh pink color.


The applicator is also gentle on the cheeks and on the lips, they are great in sensitive areas too (since the skin on the lips is again, super thin). After dried up, gradually the scent also fades away and will keep being fade until they are gone. The stain however stick far longer than the scent, but they do still runs out eventually, especially after drinking and eating, so do reapply as needed, since the product is compact, I have no problem carrying it on my purse for a quick touch up. Plus, I love keep sniffing on the scent.


I think Guerlain is a brand that looking out for the youngs too, this is one product which I think suits those who loves the recent trends. From the shade, texture to easy to apply made it perfect for first time user. And if you're a mom like me who concerns about quality of the ingredients, for sure, Guerlain got it covered. I have no problem letting my pre teens using it.


Thank you so much Guerlain Indonesia

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