Monday, September 25, 2017

QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte

Hello lovelies,

Look at these babies!!! It's QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte and I have them all in full shade :D haha finally! They have been out of stock for quite some time, which means they are ON DEMAND and officially the 'it' items not to be missed!


When they first arrived, they are sealed for my protection, and secured for sure.

Those who are wondering can check out and find these details:

Keterangan: Tahan lama, diformulasikan dengan Vitamin E yang berfungsi sebagai antioksidan serta bahan emollient yang dapat menjaga kelembaban bibir Anda.
Mempunyai tekstur yang lembut, mudah diaplikasikan dan nyaman di bibir.   
Weight :               0.004 kg
Color     :              

21 Peach Angel, 22 Pink Me, 24 Nudy Classic, 25 Nude Brown, 26 Flaming Rose, 27 Exotic Red, 28 Apple Berry, 29 Sugar Plum


Each are sold for Rp. 36.000 (which is oh-so-affordable) and you can also purchase them on beauty stores or their official instagram account @QLCosmetic_Online

Good luck in finding all full shade, so when you do happen to find them, immediately purchase these babies >.<


All the ingredients are listed on the plastic packaging in blue, so before unwrapping them, make sure you do read them all for your references.

The packaging is cute, the shape of the container is not slim, it's slightly chubby in the middle.


The names and numbers or the products are written on a sticker on below of each product and on the cap in white alongside with the barcode.


They have normal-like wand,just like any other liquid lipstick with the soft sponge on the tip that shaped like a curved for a better application on the lips, especially for those who doesn't like using a lip pencil before (like me).

The liquid as seen below is runny but filled with pigment. So the texture is very light, comfortable and doesn't have that rich creamy after taste.


Here I am using number 21. Peach Angel, that really is like an angel. So innocent, bright and cheerful color.


I'm surprised by how light the textures are, they feel so like using nothing. They dried up pretty fast on the lips and totally kiss proof.


Number 22 is Pink Me, I think this is the pinkest of them all, beautiful and suitable for dates or afternoon day out, like a blooming spring color.

They are easily layered too, not that I need much, like one or two swipe is enough, the vivid pigment is full on color.


Now, aside from the other 6, these two's I must say is the most similar of them all. The others are like so different and like in totally another spectrum, while these two (above number 24. Nudy Classic and below 25. Nude Brown) is somewhat almost like a hint of depth. One is lighter (in shade) while number 25 is a pinch deeper.


Both nude are suitable for daily use, when you want to take things seriously or when in work.

Below is the swatches I made on my hand.


Each  of them looks so different from each other right?! Except for number 24 and 25.

From top to bottom on the swatches below:

21 Peach Angel, 22 Pink Me, 24 Nudy Classic, 25 Nude Brown, 26 Flaming Rose, 27 Exotic Red, 28 Apple Berry, 29 Sugar Plum.


I'm so into the last numbers, they are making statements, bold and brave. In the image above you can also easy the strikes made by the liquid, the pigment are strong and so does the coverage.


Let's continue with Flaming Rose, shade number 26. So bright, so red, and so beautiful. It's a shade that will brighten up the whole complexion or even your whole day.


27. Exotic Red, deeper with perhaps a hint of blue, and so powerful. It's a red that you will use it to work and be the boss.


And shade number 27, my favorite, Apple Berry. The shade that reminds me of the smell of the products. They all have the same scent, Apple Berry scent, so fruity and a bit sweet. Like apple berry :D

I love this shade since it's intense, deep, and definitely make a statement for sure. Far from boring and it's all me. I even overdrawn my lips for this shade and my lips looks great.


Last but not least, number 29. Sugar Plum. A dark version of fuchsia, perfect for a cocktail meeting or even a summer look.

So there you go all occasions, all time favorite, seasons, all are covered by QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte. You'll surely find one you love. Do try one and enjoy the light feeling of like using none.

The waterproof, kiss-proof formula is addictive, easy to clean using cotton pad and micellar water or any other lipstick remover, or using your favorite lip balms. Olive oils or any oil (like when you eat) will dissolve the formula, so careful when you eat as it will affect your lip makeup, do reapply as needed after each meals.

Thank you so much QL Cosmetic for another lovely product not to be missed.

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