Monday, September 18, 2017

Pixy Asian Beauty + GIVEAWAY

Hello lovelies,

Pixy recently have another amazing event where they have a big contest. This is an annual thing that they do, it's excited, it's fun and the winners get to go to Japan with Pixy Cosmetics. This time it's Tokyo and Osaka.

The event have been held for quite some time, from all over Indonesia beauty lovers are joining the competition and 13 are here at the event as a semifinals.


One by one, each of their videos are displayed, and asked 1 question. The jury take notes on their answer and the videos, everyone watch them, some are very confident while some are nervous, most of them are very good in presenting their makeup video.

I enjoy the event as I can see their passion and how Pixy willing to put them altogether making this occasion something worth participate in, so next year, get ready and join.


All 13 are ready to hear the announcement and they start calling in fast. From 13 to 7, but no worries, no one went home empty handed, vouchers and products are given to all the semifinals.


It's getting tense there, I can see some of them getting a bit disappointed, finally the three names have emerged, Irene Yenawan, Santi Ayu Arizki, and Siti Hajar Riska Ariyanti, they are the winners, congratulations!

These three will go to Japan with Pixy soon and do catch up with them in Pixy's social media update.


Look at their happy faces. And, I want to send some of the happiness to you my readers. One winner will get all of Pixy newest Lip Cream nudes. 6 products just for you.

All you have to do is share this link post to any of your social medias using hashtag: #PixyCarnellin.

One winner will be chosen based on random, the more you share the more chances you'll get since by being random those who post the most get the most possibility. Follow me on instagram @Carnellin as the winner will be announce there on 16th of October 2017.

T&C: Only open to Indonesia resident.


Thank you and see you all real soon!

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