Monday, February 27, 2017

Dove Sisterhood Gathering

Hello everyone,

last week I went into an event at Kota Kasablanka for an event with Dove.

With their theme of Sisterhood Gathering, we can invite one more person to go with us to enjoy a day for our lovely hair.


Dove had a campaign going on for the past month where using a hashtag #Sempurnakandengandove, everyone can share their stories of sisterhood. It could be with their relatives, sibling or friends they considered as sister.


As sister completed each other, care and love to be around each other, Dove wants to share the same thing. Their shampoo and conditioner are made to be with each other, caring  for the hair and seal the moisture in for a better treatment.

Dove Conditioner with Keratin Active Series said to repair the hair surface and give deep nutrition. Unlike other conditioner that only come with smooth effect without repairing ability.


Dove with its many variant able to share variants depending on the hair needs.


Representative from Dove and guest speaker on the event made the presentation worth listening to. One session which I think to be valuable is the Q&A's. Questions such as is 2 in 1 product considered better or how is it different from a normal shampoo and conditioner product separately, is those using head scarf still need using conditioner to does people with oily hair still need conditioner are all answered.

Conditioner is still needed by everyone and it is better to use additional conditioner than 2 in 1. Rinse the conditioner well and only using it from the mid part of the hair all the way to the ends and always avoid the scalp.

Oily hair means the hair is dehydrated as well, using conditioner is said to help the hair to be better in nutrition.


And the event continued with games of hair styling and clothe matching before finally comes to an end.

Passerby and just about anyone can enjoy the fun by joining a free hair wash, games and back light photo contest too.


Thank you so much Dove Indonesia for having us at the event, see you again soon!!

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