Tuesday, February 14, 2017

INGLOT AMC Lip Pencil Matte

Hello lovelies,

after their recent launch in Grand Indonesia some time ago, beauty enthusiast are getting more interest in INGLOT. Since many of them already know the brand and purchased the goods via online shopping, many are already comparing the price sold locally.

And yes, it was higher than the one sold online. INGLOT is a brand that was known to be quite budget friendly out there, but here, their price is similar to high ends.


The do have many varieties offered and shades to select, but I do hope their pricing could be better.

Now, without further ado, this is my first official review for INGLOT. It's AMC Lip Pencil Matte in shade 33.

The product itself comes in 21 shades, from nudes, pinks, reds, orange, purple, and something that I love, in between, like red wine or burgundy. It was a delight.

Number 33, the shade that I have is like a plum. Rich, beautiful and mysterious.


A pencil that is thick enough to use as lipstick, yet it can be sharpened to a fine point for precise application as a lip liner. Avocado oil moisturizes, smoothes, and regenerates the lips whilst the modern formula ensures a long lasting even coverage with a velvety matte finish.


Details are written on the packaging, the ingredients and everything is white on black >.-


The color is there, it's vivid, highly pigmented, matte alright, but definitely not velvety, it felt so dry on the lips. When look up closed it looks really dry. I suggest using a lip balm first before application to help smooth things out.

Aside from the dryness, the product does works well as a lip liner and coloring the lips too.

It has good staying power and resisting water, clean them up with a good makeup remover or cleansing oil.


Overall, a lip pencil that provide color and coverage, need a bit of lip balm for a softer and better application, so it doesn't feel so rough and help to get that velvety effects all over.

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