Friday, February 10, 2017

Oya Clinic Body Shaping Treatment

Hello lovelies,

a few days ago, I went to Oya Clinic again, and this time it's for their Body Shaping Treatment.

The treatment is emphasizing on burning the fats, loosen the cellulite, stimulating the muscle, firming, and yes, in shorts, slimming too. So it's like an all in one treatment for someone ... like me.


Being a mom of two, travels a lot, loves food, and a full time beauty blogger too, means I do have less time to pamper myself and sometime exercise too. Who am I kidding, I rarely exercise, if chasing a two years old inside a mall is called an exercise and that's all I get. I do try to have a more active lifestyle like walks (when traveling), going trough more stairs than needed, or anything in a category of body movement, I do try, but reserving myself into a gym is never an option. Time is the number one issue, hence a treatment like this, could again be my best option. Within around 90-120 minutes a few cm can be lost and feels like I spend a day working out.


The treatment starts using a machine that suck, feels like it pinching me, warm and a bit hot, to electric sensation.

Here some details from

Med contour is a completely safe, modern cavitation system created to treat hardened fat cells and cellulite. The cavitation effect of ultrasound breaks up hardened fat cells, which then changes the fat compounds to a liquid that is removed through the lymphatic system. All of the treated areas show a visible reduction immediately following each treatment, leading to a more slim tones and smooth appearance.
Treatment Benefits:
Decreases central and lower body fat. Helps tighten the slack on the back of the arm. Tightens calf area, gets rid of water retention and reduces cellulite.


As seen on these images, my treatment is focusing on one area, the belly. It has fat and stretchmarks too. I really want those stubborn fats to be gone, I know it could took a long way, from maintaining healthy diet, exercising and treatments like this. I might took a while and need routines, but it should works.

After the machine that sucks, heats and electrocute me (a bit ouchy), then it's time to the magic ingredient, Oya special brown sticky gel like cream that smells sweet to be applied on the skin.

This treatment uses OYA's clinically proven shaping cream which targets the layers of fat just below the surface of the skin, triggering your body to naturally produce fat-burning enzymes. This is the key to fast and effective weight loss that will keep the weight off for good. This treatment helps to reshape and contour the body through stimulating the muscle by combining OYA's award winning cream with micro-current technology. The perfect solution to slim down the areas of fat that even exercise won't get rid of.
Treatment Benefits:
Lowered blood cholesterol, instant results in a slimmer more toned body. Burns fat and reshape the body in the specific areas of your choosing. Lose up to 6 cm of fat around the waist area with permanent weight loss.


And then the area is wrapped up and connected to the machine that stimulates the muscle too, it help strengthening and firming.

Reduces cellulite and body fat. A safe and effective treatment with excellent results and minimal discomfort during treatment. Tightens the skin and restores elasticity. Smooth out sagging skin and eliminate stretch marks.
Treatment Benefits:
Skin tightening, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates cellulite, anti-aging and helps to eliminate stretch marks

As different part connected to different section, each part are linked to the machine and the therapist can easily turn the level up or down. At the beginning, we can all start from the lowest level and then in the next 10 minutes and so, the therapist will come back and increase, adjusting to our comfort level. I can feel the muscle tightening and feels like having spasm. It was not painful at all.

For me, Body Shaping treatment involves many different techniques and does visibly help shaping the body. The first section that involves sucking and heat was not really comfortable for me, it felt pain but not completely painful, perhaps since I do came during my period. Turns out, it was not advisable nor recommended by Oya Clinic to do one during a period since the skin is far more sensitive. I'll do take a note and will come on other time for my next visit.

As seen below, the area become red and there's a few marks. They all subsiding within a day and the mark is reduced on the next day, and it'll be gone on the second day after the treatment.


The best part is, I loss 3 cm within a single treatment and the doctor at Oya Clinic told me that the treatment doesn't stop there, it'll keep firming, reducing body fat and strengthening the muscle for the next couple of days. So there's a continuous effects. I know for sure and like mentioned above, it need efforts too for a better improvements. Better diets and exercise helps, so they all works simultaneously with the treatment. It made maximum impact.

As for me and my always on the go lifestyle, this shall do for now. A treatment that less than 2 hours which helps me getting on that a one size smaller dress perfect for an event in the weekend.


Thank you so much Oya Clinic, see you soon!!

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