Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sociolla March 2016 Beauty Box... And more

Hello lovelies,

Sociolla March 2016 beauty box is here and I love what I see.


Some samples of pretty unique products from BABOR, Nuxe and full sizes of 1 face mask from My Beauty Diary, a brand that have tons of mask in like many variants from pearls, wine to fruits like apple and one Polka matte liquid lipstick, yippie!!!


The shade is almost identical to my Sleek Matte Me, but Jiggle Giggle is a bit brighter and pinker too, just a tad but it is more fuchsia than Fandago Purple.

The texture is wonderful and the matteness is fine. Still transfer a bit but other than that, I love it.


The details is provided on the packaging from ingredients to official website.

The color simply brighten up my look and give me that sparks.


Aside from Polka, I also love Nuxe perfume (sachet) it is enough for a single use and the scent is heavenly. Calming, sensual and just beautiful.

The mask from My Beauty Diary is suffice, simple and spot on. Kinda like a daily mask that we can put on, indulge in the serum and since they have many variety we can easily mix and match to what we want. Regarding the effects, I think most of it is cooling (put it in the fridge 30 minutes before application, or just leave everything in the fridge and use it whenever you want) and it help the skin to immediately cools off since Jakarta is very hot.

Regarding the 'actual' benefit, I think it is pretty light and not really significant.


Regarding BABOR, unfortunately, I've lost it, like literally, that's the think about me and sachets, I lost them, a lot. I just can do sachets really well. Sorry. Like really sorry.

Aside from the stuffs above, Sociolla also send me a product from NYX, an eye shadow base.


NYX is famous for having low budget cosmetics that actually works! Their products doesn't cost a fortune yet raves by many beauty addicts all over the world simply because it tackles and even beat other cosmetics that cost 2-3 times.

Beside Eye Shadow Base, the Jumbo Eye Pencil (in Milk) also has been used by many as an eye shadow base, this one gives a bit of sparkle and like a semi watery finish for a bit more oomph! for the eyeshadow.

Thank you Sociolla for the pretty goodies, I'm happy to see that Sociolla has more and more products now on their site. Want to shop some? Get a Rp. 50.000 off for every Rp.200.000 purchase when you put CAR50 during check out.

Happy shopping!

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