Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rene Furterer Curbicia

Hello lovelies,

as my previous review for Rene Furterer (read HERE) this is a separate post made specially for Curbicia, a product which I love since 15 years ago when I started using Rene Furterer, especially Curbicia.

My scalp has been oily and I know and has been told as well by the team from Rene Furterer, if I want to keep my hair lusciously thick, I have to maintain the cleanliness of the scalp. Oily is fine, but when leave it that way it can lead to blockage which prevent the hair growing from the scalp.


Gently wash your hair while purifying an oily scalp

CURBICIA regulating shampoo eliminates excess sebum from the scalp and allows for less frequent shampoos. Hair is light and enveloped in a fresh aroma.

Used directly on the scalp when it is dry and dirty (best after Complexe 5) and leave it on for a while (like 10 minutes).


The greenish clay is light and fragrant, but even when they look so cute, gooey and innocent, they are still powerful enough to absorb those excess oils on my scalp. 


After around 10 minutes, add a bit of water and shampoo too only for the hair and areas that doesn't get Curbicia. For me, I always put Curbicia only on oily zone and avoid the rest for a precise treatment.

Other shampoo can help other areas as needed, like colored hair need shampoo to maintain the color, and etc.


Since the tip is small enough for the clay to be applied on the exact spots (or line) on the scalp. The feeling is very much comfortable and I really like the scent too, it is refreshing orange, clove, rosemary, thyme, the combination is just perfect.

It helps the scalp to purify, refreshed and clean, like detoxing the scalp from those sticky oils.


The result is a clean and happy scalp that can breathe easily. Products used afterwards such as tonic or hair serum can be absorbed better.


After being dried, the hair feels so much comfortable, the scalp especially. I can repeat this treatment 2 times a week to help maintain and prevent the scalp to be covered in oil and let them stay fresh longer too.

Curbicia is available on pharmacies and local drug store that sells high quality products.

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