Monday, March 21, 2016

The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow

Hello lovelies,

Eyebrow is and always been a thing, it help 'shape' the face, the whole complete look and even could either 'make or break' someone overall look.

One of my favorite item is a pencil for eyebrows and definitely the one that automatic as in, no need manual sharpening.

The Face Shop has Design My Eyebrow aside from Style My Eyebrow, a manual pencil for the eyebrow that need to be sharpened manually.

Design My Eyebrow also comes in several shade. Mine is in Gray Brown, a number 1 shade.


A smart triangular automatic eyebrow pencil that you can adjust the angle to make the inner eyebrows thick and the outer part thin
A triangular shape automatic eyebrow pencil that you can adjust the angle to create any shape you want
* A more modern and simple design
A trendy design that can appeal to young consumers
*New formula that suits the market and makeup trend
-Soft texture that completely adheres to the eyebrows and more powerful long lasting abilities!
* A triangular shaped pencil for easier application 


All of the images of me in this post are all using the same product to draw my eyebrow.

These are the close up look of the product, the brush and the pencil.

The brush is just too harsh and sometime can be quite painful, I have to be real gentle when using it, or even when I think I'm gentle enough, it is still uncomfortable.


The pencil on the other side is nice and easy to be used. Pretty firm and doesn't easily break, a soft hard pencil easy to be used and drawn on the brows. It fills in and help make the brows drawn and shaped the way we want it to.


The size of the pencil is just right but not as 'tall' as other brand. It stays pretty much the whole day and have a good staying power but not waterproof nor swipe proof.

The shade can be used for those with black to dark brown hair color, if you happen to have lighter hair color, do try another shade.


The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow is available at Sociolla.

You can use my code CAR50 at the check out for a Rp50.000 off for every Rp.200.000 purchase.

Thank you.


  1. Aku pernah pake ini pas itu beli di counternya yang ada di palembang. Sayangnya waktu mau gunakan kepleset trus patah deh. Kalo udah habis, brush-nya masih bisa difungsionalkan. ^^

  2. be, kasian amat sampe begitu, tapi itu brushnya sakit banget, entah yg ini doank (kesalahan QC) atau semuanya, tapi if mine is broken, I threw it away for sure, terlalu sakit (hati) pake brushnya aja :D