Monday, March 14, 2016

Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar

Hello lovelies,

this is one of my favorite brand, it is Lush and the brand no longer available in Indonesia due to many (financial, budget, etc) issues. And nowadays there are many brands that are similar to Lush yet comes in better price for the customer and doesn't contain stuff that are still known to be inside some of Lush'es products.


I got mine from Hong Kong.

This solid seaweed, sea salt and lemon bar gives great shine and volume, with an uplifting summer scent for that buoyant feeling. We’ve added a combination of Irish moss gel (made from bushy red seaweed), with protein-rich Japanese nori seaweed and fine sea salt to give hair some oomph. Lemon oil makes your hair shine, and we’ve added the heady tropical scents of mimosa, jasmine and orange flower essential oils.
*occurs naturally in essential oils.


It has that typical amazing smell from Lush, almost all the Lush'es smells so good. This one is included. Smells fresh, fruity, a bit like an ocean breeze and very fragrant. Lather easily on wet hair and cleans the hair and scalp very nicely. Everyone in the family is using it and we love the effect of a clean scalp and hair that doesn't leave any residue, nor making them dry. It's perfect on it's own way.

I hate those silicone-full shampoos that made my scalp drench in oil, or those too drying shampoo that made my hair brittle and looks like electrocuted, this is perfect and again, Lush shampoo made my day.

Keep the bar dry after usage by putting it outside the bathroom so it doesn't get gooey and jelly-like. 

Continue with your favorite conditioner according to your hair type.

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